Pricing real estate can be tricky. Most sellers know how much they want for their property but that may not be what the market will bear. In this, your real estate agent will be one of the best helps for choosing the right price for your home. That said, there are other things you can do.

Choosing the listing time

Studies suggest that the best time to list your property for an increase in profit is August. This gives a closing date in November with a little less than seven and a quarter percent increase in sale price. For speed, May is the better month.

Cosmetic repairs

Got old, outdated and/or worn out carpet? Now is the time to get rid of it. Are the walls odd colors or faded? Fresh paint will help revitalize the rooms. Is the lock difficult to operate because of age or lack of maintenance? Now is the time to fix that.

Your real estate agent can tell you which items to fix (or have fixed) in your home to improve both appearance and value. Some repairs may not be worth it but others will be a wise investment. This may include some tips for the outside of your home.

Air conditioning

Let’s face it. Summer in Las Vegas is exceedingly hot. A cool home is more inviting than one in which the heat has been allowed to build for days. According to Las Vegas real estate agent Matiah Fischer, you may also want to have cold water available for those who are touring your home. This simple courtesy may be what sways the buyer.


There are at least two things you will want to research in order to sell your home in Las Vegas for the right price. The first is to find out what houses in your area are selling for. Websites may list addresses in your neighborhood with similar homes. The prices they are listed for will help you figure out what you will be able to get for yours.

The second is to research real estate agents. Check the reviews and look for those who have a lot of positive reviews. Many people who write reviews do so because they found fault with the person, business or product. It takes a pretty good experience to get positive reviews.

Real estate agents

It may be tempting to try to sell your home yourself. Several websites cater to that, although they also cover homes being sold by real estate agents. Having an agent can reduce a great deal of the stress of selling your home.

Full service real estate agents will handle things like documents, deeds, pricing, advertising, open houses and tips on what to do to improve the home’s value. The agent will know when to list the home and whether or not the asking price needs to be reduced. Most important, the real estate agent keeps track of everything legally needed to sell your home.

In Conclusion

Timing the real estate market can be tricky. Getting the most value possible for your home? Even trickier. But with these tips for how to sell your home this summer at the right price in Las Vegas, you can have a better chance at selling quickly for more.