Your living room is an essential part of your home. For one thing, it’s where you receive guests, so their impression on the rest of the house is reflected in how they perceive your living room. When you’re thinking of doing some renovation or redecorating your house, you might want to prioritize your living room. It doesn’t have to be big changes, a little creativity goes a long way on how a room looks and feels.

Here are some tips to liven up a dull living space:


Picking the right color will not only affect the mood of your living room, but it can also make it more spacious than it really is. The right color that provides a feeling of having a little more breathing room brings about a relaxing effect on your guests. Bright and light shades elevate the mood, and per studies suggest, a reception with bright colors makes people happy and comfortable.

Furniture and Layout

Your choice of furniture and how you arrange them around the room makes up for a lot in making your living room hospitable and lively.

Incorporating a couple of tables from Prestige Edition, which is designed by artisans, can help divide the room into sections. You wouldn’t want to scatter your furniture around even if you have some space to spare, a cumbersome arrangement would only make the place look cheap.

Considering the size of your furniture is also important as it takes up some space along with its placement. A living room with limited space will benefit from having a few furniture if they’re relatively big. This allows for more room for your guests to move around.

Choose the Right Lighting Fixtures

Your lighting fixture can be a central piece to your decor, so choosing the appropriately unique one can help in your endeavor. You wouldn’t want something that’ll be so bright that it becomes a bother to your guests’ eyes. Choosing the right design of your lighting fixture can make for a good conversational piece as people are generally interested in anything unique in nature. But you will also need to take into account its size relative to your living room.

Add Some Artwork

Using artwork can help fill up unused spaces efficiently. The presence of the piece can make up for what could be a monotonous design of your living room. Blank spaces in your wall can be a great place to put up some painting, or an empty corner can hold some artsy vase or sculpture. Also, you might want to check the ceiling as it is usually overlooked when putting up decors.

Use Pillows and Patterns

The use of throw pillows and rugs with patterned designs can help add texture and depth into a flat room. You don’t have to spend a lot of time choosing the design, a simple patterned design mixed with other prints will already make for a good vibrant additive to monotonous color.

Our living space is where we mostly stay after spending a long day outside, so creating a vibrant atmosphere with style and comfort will have that welcoming effect that we’d certainly love to get home to. These useful tips will do wonders on what otherwise can be considered a bland feel in your receiving area.