home decoration in the interior

Although COVID-19 has thwarted winter getaways this year, you can transform your home into a relaxing sanctuary that’s perfect for hibernation. To embody cosiness in your house, integrate the Danish concept, Hygge, which aims to create a serene and comforting atmosphere, into your décor.

However, there are also practical household tasks to consider, to ensure your house sufficiently heats up through the colder months.

If you aren’t sure where to start, follow these six tips on how to make your home cosy during the colder months.

Ambient lighting

Lighting plays a big part in generating an inviting atmosphere. Bright, white lights can trigger alertness while warm-toned lightbulbs create a soothing environment. Lamps and dimmed overhead lighting can create a cosy vibe.

Don’t forget to include decorative lighting to elevate your interiors. Fairy lights add a touch of whimsy, and a neon sign that reads ‘let’s stay home’ in a happy yellow colour will enhance the restful aura.

Keep your home warm

Heating your home is essential for creating a cosy home as you won’t be able to appreciate the Hygge interiors if you’re freezing cold. First, get your boiler serviced to ensure it’s working efficiently and safely. If it needs any repairs or a replacement boiler, address this immediately in case it breaks during winter and to save money on your energy bills.

For a hassle-free process, use the ‘find your boiler’ tool on BOXT to identify the type of boiler you need and then get it installed quickly. BOXT boilers are usually inexpensive and done the next day, which makes it a very convenient service for homeowners.

Once your boiler is running effectively, ensure your radiators don’t need bleeding or balancing. Most importantly, stock up on new fuzzy jumpers.

Warm colour scheme

Similarly to lighting, colours can spark emotions and create an atmospheric setting. Rich shades of red, orange, and yellow, are particularly comforting and can also create an autumnal look. If you don’t want to commit to bold colours year-round, opt for colourful accessories instead. A neutral colour palette will pair well with any other hues and signify comfort and calmness.

Soft furnishings

A cosy night in wouldn’t be complete without snuggling up in an array of blankets and cushions. Whatever your home’s style, the sight and feel of soft furnishings will instantly relax you. With the choice of faux fur, wool, cotton, and more, this form of décor adds texture and interest to a space.

Rugs help to insulate a room and provide underfoot comfort, so you don’t need to walk on a cold, hard floor in the morning to make a hot cup of coffee.

For extra luxury, dress your bed with a brushed cotton duvet cover, a stylish bedspread, fluffy throws, and a pile of cushions.

Create a reading nook

Curling up under a blanket with a cup of cocoa to read a book is a great way to fight the winter blues. Dedicating a specific space for this hobby will allow maximum relaxation so you can escape into the fictional world.

A chaise lounge, a chair with a backrest on one end, is perfect for a reading nook as it’s long enough for you to put your feet up. Ideally, place it next to a window so you can read with a backdrop of the winter weather. Don’t forget a reading lamp for ultimate cosiness.

Calming candles

Candles can exude specific aromas into your home to trigger comforting emotions and memories. Lavender and vanilla can encourage calming emotions, while festive scents such as cinnamon, gingerbread, and fir tree are reminiscent of cosy winter nights. The sight of a flickering candle flame is also extremely soothing.

Having a cosy home is mostly needed during autumn and winter, but inviting interiors are beneficial year-round. After making these practical and aesthetic changes to your property, you’ll never want to leave.