For many homeowners, the garage is a space for storage and parking the car, but it can also be used as a fantastic social or living space, particularly in the warmer months. To make the most out of the garage this summer, here are several ideas that will inspire homeowners to transform an often-disused space into a summer getaway for family and friends to enjoy.

Bring in a social feature

A garage is a remarkably flexible space, so whether it is a mini bar or a DJ deck, a focal point can make a social area inside your garage appeal to your family and friends. Adding a social feature within your garage will make for a fun a topical conversation for visitors, helping to create a social atmosphere for you to enjoy a favourite past time. For those wanting a larger social area to enjoy throughout the year, double garages from Lidget Compton allow for a spacious, weather-resistant holiday experience in the back garden to be enjoyed all year round.

Add comfy seating

It is important that guests feel comfortable and relaxed, so bring in some furniture to your overhauled garage such as a sofa and bean bags. Throughout summer, the garage is a perfect shaded area to open to the garden, so the whole family can enjoy the best of the outdoors while being protected from the sun. This is ideal for summer parties where you can open the doors and set up a dining area with an outdoor table and chairs. Even if it rains, the garage provides the cover needed to still enjoy the day and carry on social events as planned.

Use outdoor lighting

For after-dark entertaining, outdoor lighting is a great way to create a social setting and a relaxing ambiance. Whether you opt for fairy lights hanging over-head, solar lanterns or porch lights, the setting and mood and can transformed just by adding atmospheric lighting. For evening dining, dimmable lamps or candlelight are a great option to create a relaxing evening for your guests, while drawing attention to key points near the lighting such as pathways or décor within the space.


Due to the lack of natural light in a garage, wall colour is important to consider before deciding a theme for your space. To maximise the light and make your garage appear more spacious, use light colours, like white or pastels as the main interior colours when decorating. It is important that you choose resilient paints made specifically for outdoor use that are easy to clean to ensure longevity.

Common styles for garage décor include minimalism – a fresh colour palette, often monochromatic with fresh décor featuring straight lines and geometric shapes, or a classic and cosy feel, with lots of wood, warm tones and cosy décor such as faux fur rugs, blankets and different textures. However, a combination of your own taste in décor will personalise the space making it unique to you home and offer a great place to chill out for your family and friends.