Changing a home always comes with excitement. However, once we find the new home, we should already start planning the move. Packing and unpacking are certainly not the most interesting parts of the moving process, but they need to be done. And, the better you organize them, the easier the relocation will be. Moving to a smaller place is a challenge since it requires a little more planning from your part. If you need some tips on how to unpack into a small kitchen, you may find this article helpful.

Planning is key to any successful relocation

Right after you decide to move, you should start making a plan. You can hire a moving company or move by yourself, but whichever option you choose, you should know that there will be a lot of work. If you need professional packing assistance in FL, make sure that you book their services in time. Don’t forget to supply yourself with enough cardboard boxes. Also, make a list of all the activities that need to be done before your move and make a timeline.

Packing preparation

We all tend to clutter our kitchen over time, and relocation is the right time to declutter it. That is especially the case if you will have to unpack into a smaller kitchen afterward. Here are some ideas what you can do with the items you will no longer use in your new kitchen:

  • throw them away if they are broken, chipped or just useless,
  • donate them to the less fortunate ones – you will help somebody plus it will be easier for you to unpack into a small kitchen,
  • sell them online or organize a backyard sale,
  • give them to friends or relatives who might like them,
  • put them in a storage unit – you probably have some holiday dishes that you use once a year. If you do not know where to put them in your new home, you could keep your items in a safe storage unit in Lake Worth. You can even store extra kitchen appliances that you are not sure whether you’ll be using.

Packing preparation
You can put the items that you rarely use in a storage, Alt. tag: Storage unit where you can put what you rarely use when you unpack into a small kitchen

Some additional packing tips

A proper packing strategy will help you unpack more easily. So, don’t just randomly pack everything that comes to hand in your boxes. Separate the items according to the place they will be put in your new kitchen. Always label the boxes and make a list of contents just in case. It goes without saying that you should protect the fragile items before you put them in a box. Always pack the items that you use most in the last box and mark the box differently so that is easily noticed when it is time for unpacking.

Once you get to your new kitchen

The first thing you should do once you approach your new kitchen is to clean it. Then you can start opening the boxes. Unpack the kitchen tools you cannot live without first. If you brought some food from your previous apartment, don’t forget to put it in the fridge or freezer right away.

Clean everything before you unpack into a new kitchen, Alt. tag: Spotless white kitchen
Once you get to your new kitchen

Some space-saving tips to help you unpack into a small kitchen

Stacking is crucial in a small kitchen

Use this method when filling your cabinets and some drawers. Kitchen items that are easy for stacking are pots (start from the largest one at the bottom to the smallest one on top to keep the balance), serving dishes and everyday plates.

Use your counter space cleverly

You need your counter space for food preparation, but there are always some parts of it that are not used. For example, you can use the corners and slightly less approachable parts to store your toaster, blender or a coffee machine. You can also arrange some narrow items toward the back end of your countertop. Those could be some pasta holding jars, spices or even a knife block. Just make sure that you utilize that space for the items you use regularly.

Use the less obvious spots

Having a small kitchen means that you have to be resourceful. Find the spots that are not designed for storage but can be used as such. For instance, why wouldn’t you keep your baking sheets and other baking dishes inside the oven when you are not using it? And, if your fridge is not built-in, you can put so many items on top of it.
Use the less obvious spots
The corners of the countertops are perfect for storing small appliances, Alt. tag: Toaster and kettle on a countertop

Organize your drawers rationally

Keeping your drawers organized is a tricky task. Luckily, many accessories can make the task easier. Try using the in-drawer dividers. They can be bought in various sizes to fit almost any drawer and are most practical for organizing your cutlery and small kitchen items.

Don’t forget your pantry

Having a pantry in a place that has a small kitchen is priceless. If you are lucky to have one, you should use it to keep as many kitchen items as possible. There are many kitchen pantry design ideas that can inspire you to make the best looking and most organized pantry ever!

Provide some additional storage

Nowadays, you can buy or make so many storage solutions for your small kitchen. Empty walls are perfect for narrow shelves, cubbies or a bar for hanging your kitchen utensils or kitchen towels. Find some accessories that can be attached to your cabinet doors or under-cabinet space. Providing the necessary storage in the places that would have otherwise go to waste is a brilliant thing to do. In-cabinet wire shelving solutions are also very practical.

If you are designing your new kitchen from scratch, you should take a look at some small kitchen design ideas available online or hire an interior designer.

Extra tip for those with small kitchens

After you unpack into a small kitchen, you should try o keep it organized. Small places tend to get cluttered faster than bigger ones. That is why you will have to clean your kitchen more often and as soon as you see that some item is not used, you should get rid of it to make space for the regularly used ones.