If you ever wish to use a Butane Light either for work like culinary, ornaments making, joining, brazing, welding, or preparing your dishes but to do that you must know to how work with a butane lighter. Those who don’t know, butane light is a device which creates an intense fire and is famous for its portability and small size.

Now, using a Butane Light might be too unsafe if you don’t follow proper instructions. So kindly read the below instructions carefully, and you would find this task too easy.

If you haven’t purchased a butane flare yet, find the best butane torch here and choose it wisely. But if you already have one, make sure you refuel it with a canister of butane fuel. The method, as mentioned of refilling the light is easy and quick.

How to refill a butane torch?

How to refill a butane torch
To load a butane light quickly and safely, make sure to do that outside the premises. Separate the stand if your flare has any, discard the cap, switch it upside down and fill it from the dedicated filling point. At last, inject the pipe of the canister well inside the light so that there are no leakages.

Throughout this method, keep an eye if fuel escapes from the light when it fills out completely. And stiffen it as quickly as possible when you fuel the fire entirely.

So how to use a butane torch?

Begin operating the butane light, after you understand the manuals precisely for any specific guidance. You’ll need a set of safety glass, a noncombustible surface or a well-ventilated place and of course, a butane light fully fueled in the best physical condition.
So how to use a butane torch
Step 1: Set the flash at a 45-degree incline towards the desired direction and around 8 to 10 inches higher the surface. Then switch on the gas stream control valve.

Step 2: As soon as you start hearing the hissing sound of the gas, push the fire switch to create a fire. Also, switch off safety switch which stops an unintended fire if your light has any such key.

Step 3: You should now modify the strength of the fire and find a sweet spot by choosing the power of heat you want. In most of the lights, there is a dedicated switch specially made for this idea. Modify the lever to see how it serves on your fire.

Step 4: Now, when you finish the job, switch the light upside down, stop the gas control, and wait for the fire to get extinguished. In urgent situations, you can also directly stop the light from the main power supply to see how it goes.

That’s it you may apply any Butane light safely. But remember to obey the directions by heart and be careful while practicing it. Only knowing how to do is nothing, unless you use it practically. So, obey the directions and continue to try, you’ll learn one day.