How do ducted air conditioners work?

The ducted air conditioner works basically through a series of ducts to give a cooling effect. Ducted air conditioners have an internal fan coil unit which is installed on the roof of the house. This unit is considered to be the central unit, from where a series of ducts run into as many rooms as desired by the owner. Due to the presence of these ducts, you can cool or heat each room individually which is often referred to as zoning. It is very clear from the working of the ducted air conditioner that how easily cooling can be done. If a new house is being constructed, the installation of ducted air conditioning is the most viable choice. A ducted system is integrated into the home’s ceiling and is capable of heating or cooling the entire room.

How do ducted air conditioners work

Cost of running ducted air conditioners

There are a number of factors at work which determine the running cost of your ducted air conditioner. Some of those factors are-

  • Size of your system
  • Type of your air conditioning system
  • Duration of operation
  • The kind of installation your home and system has
  • The temperatures at which you run the air conditioner.

Cost of ducted air conditioner installation

Installation of air conditioners depends on a variety of factors. The brand you use play a vital role in the price. The energy rating and system size also determine the price of installation. Several other factors that need to be taken into account are-

  • Size of your house
  • The layout of the house
  • The number of people residing in the house
  • Whether you have opted for zoning or not
  • The material with which your home has been constructed brick or weatherboard.

With the increase in a number of points and zones, the cost of air conditioning installation of the ducted air conditioner increases. Aside from the unit price of each duct, professional installation is required which becomes certainly costly. The unit price is also expensive but serves as the most important solution. Not only permanent, it is also a very effective air conditioner.

Benefits of ducted air conditioner

Benefits of ducted air conditioner


Although the upfront cost of a ducted air conditioner is expensive including the installation charge overtime running of ducted system is cheaper. If zoned ducted air conditioners are used instead of the average standard ducted system, the cost becomes much less. This is due to the fact that zoning allows you to turn on only the required zones to heat or cool instead of the entire place at a time. The ducted air conditioner also provides specific airflow system and better installation which above saves a lot of money on the electricity bit every year.


Ducted air conditioners are concealed giving a better appearance to your home interior. The entire ducting unit is hidden in the roof and the outdoor units are strategically placed in a location away from the main areas.


Depending on the size of your house and the motor of the ducted air conditioners the performance of your unit is not pushed out of its limit. As a result, money can be saved on power bill along with a lowering of risk of overworking of the motor and its various components.


If the ducted air conditioningsystem is serviced regularly and well maintained, it last for years. By regular cleaning of the filters, the life, as well as the effects of the air conditioner, can be easily prolonged.

Ducted air conditioning v/s split system

Although both the ducted as well as the split system does the job of cooling perfectly. There is still a large number of differences between the two, especially when it comes to the cost.

The ducted air conditioner operates from a central location which is generally installed in the roof of the house. From the central location, either warm or cool air is sent to different rooms of the house through a system of ducts. This system is far more expensive than a split system. But if the person requires air conditioning throughout the house, ducted air conditioners are still less expensive than individual split systems for each room. During the course of time, even the running cost of a ducted air conditioner is less when compared to individual split systems.