In short, hiring a plumber is better than attempting to do things yourself, but why – there are lots of jobs that you can do around your home if you feel confident about tackling DIY. However, some jobs are best left to the professionals like homemechanics.comThese are jobs that can affect your life and house, especially plumbing and heating jobs. Plumbing done wrong can cause major problems, and in extreme cases can lead to bathrooms and kitchens flooding and even rooms being made uninhabitable. Plumbing may sound like a simple enough thing to do but is it, are those jobs as easy as they look, and what happens if you get it wrong?

If you think jobs are simple you will end up underestimating them and if you proceed to make a mistake you can then find yourself in big trouble and with big costs to foot, bigger than if you would have just got a professional in the first place. Plumbing is not simple, isolating the water source and then working with what you have whether new or old is tricky and is not a job that a DIY novice should undertake. Quite often plumbing connects to heating and other gasworks and in this case, professional guidance should be sought at the earliest of opportunities.

Pros and Cons for Hiring a Professional Plumber

When you undertake work within your own home there are no guarantees. Things could look OK on the surface, but when you begin to delve deeper you may uncover a whole host of problems that could feel neverending, especially to a novice DIY plumber. It is always best to hire a professional to deal with any size job, from changing taps to fixing leaky kitchen sink waste. If you are still unsure and in doubt as to why you shouldn’t tackle your household plumbing then take a look at these pros and cons. Quite often things sound easy to do, and easy to change, but, when you see things written down, especially plumbing routes and connections it may help make your decision a lot easier and quicker.

The Pros

Professional plumbers have training. Whether they have been to a formal college, or they have been an apprentice they will have training in how to deal with a wide variety of plumbing issues and problems. They are also knowledgeable and will have experience in a lot of different plumbing and heating situations. Quite often in an emergency within your home, it can be hard to maintain a clear and focused mind, a plumber would not have this issue, they would be able to get the job done without all of the additional stress, panic, and anxiety you may be feeling as a result of a problem or problems with your plumbing. 

The great news is that plumbers are always on hand to help, from emergency callouts to leaking internal pipework a plumber has most likely been there and got the t-shirt too which can leave you feeling reassured and with peace of mind (and isn’t that worth paying for). Moreover, the specialists at have an idea of how professionals should go about any reason you may have to contact a plumber. Standards are important, if high standards are not set and kept then you could end up with very dodgy plumbing that could go wrong at any day or time. Professional plumbers are quick and efficient, meaning that they can come into your home, get the work done and leave you in peace. 

Time is very important in plumbing and the longer you leave things the worse they can get. For example, a dripping tap one day could be a flooded bathroom next week. If you attempt to do the work yourself ( even if you have a bit of knowledge and experience) then you will find the job will be never-ending. There will always be something else to do in your home and you will never finish the job, and this is important to remember. Just because you have a bit of time to fiddle with it now, it doesn’t mean you will have the time to solve the problem later. Importantly too, plumbers have all the right tools. The importance of the right tools cannot be underestimated as trying to fix problems with lackluster tools will ultimately provide lackluster results. 

If you tried to purchase all of the tools yourself you would end up spending a small fortune, and you would end up with tools that you would probably never want to lay eyes on again. Remember that with a good quality recommended plumber you get assurance and insurance coverage. It is worth noting that within your home insurance policy or coverage you may not be covered for accidents if they happen as a direct result of work you have undertaken on your property, this is important as it could be the difference between a potential claim being accepted or rejected.

The Cons

What cons, seriously are there any? On a serious note, one major con though is that professional plumbers are often very busy and may get booked up quickly so ensure you book them in for work as soon as you can. Don’t delay getting small jobs fixed before they turn into large homewrecking jobs, good plumbers are efficient, affordable, and often clean up after the job they have finished, the only con is that they cannot tackle other jobs in your home such as building that flat wardrobe that you have been putting off. 

Hiring a professional plumber is the way to go if you want to ensure that a plumbing or heating job gets done correctly and safely. So many people claim to do work but they are just having a go. When it comes to your safety and that of your family and your home you want to ensure that any plumbing or heating work is undertaken by a professional, insured, and highly recommended plumber.