Trees need to be maintained. If they’re not they will quickly grow up and out, potentially causing an array of issues. However, if the lopping or topping of the tree is done improperly it can have a detrimental effect on the tree.

That’s why you should consider using the services of a professional, such as North Shore tree loppers. This will ensure the procedure is done with the interests of the tree at heart.


Topping, as the name suggests, is removing the top, or the crown, of your tree. It often needs to be done to reduce the height of the tree. This can potentially make it more manageable in the future. It can also encourage outward growth and may need to be done to prevent the tree from entangling with overhead power lines.

However, removing the top of the tree is stressful for it. Removing the top can reduce the leaf-bearing section of the tree by as much as 5%. This dramatically reduces the ability of the tree to absorb nutrients. The tree will react by putting out lots of new shoots. It needs to quickly create new leaves and maintain its nutritional supply.

If it doesn’t do this fast enough it will die.  Of course, topping creates a large open wound, increasing the risk of the tree becoming infected or attacked by insects.

Of course, there are times when topping needs to be completed. In these cases you should remove the skinniest branches first, bringing them back to the main trunk. You can then bring the main trunk back. But, you should cut it where another branch intersects with it. This branch should be at least 1/3 of the thickness of the branch you’re removing.

This will help to preserve the shape of the tree and allow it to survive.

Of course, if tree lopping is too severe the tree is likely to die. In this case, you’ll need to have it removed and replaced.


Lopping focuses on cutting off large branches, often to improve the shape of the tree. This is generally not as dangerous to the tree as removing its crown. But, you can still remove an excessive amount of leaves, giving the tree a nutrient problem.

You’re also opening up tree wounds that will increase the chances of infection and pest attack.

Gain, you’re going to want to proceed with caution. It’s imperative that only some of the tree branches are removed. Taking too many off at one time will stress the tree and potentially cause it to die.

Lopping is generally done either to remove dead branches or to improve the look of the tree. Removing dead branches is a good idea although you should minimize the size of the wound. However, in most cases, it is not a good idea to lop aesthetically. This can cause structural issues that can destabilize and end up killing the tree.

The best approach, if you have to lop or top, is to get a professional for assistance.