Is there anything more gross than opening the cupboard below the sink, only to see a bunch of creepy roaches scurrying away? It makes you feel more than a little unhygienic.

Not only are roaches disgusting to behold, but they also present health risks and spread disease. Whether it’s cockroaches or bedbugs, or larger pests like mice or rats, a pest-free home is essential.

Thankfully, Toronto pest control experts make keeping your home free of these uninvited guests easier than ever. Here’s how it works.

Custom Sprays

If you try to tackle your pest problem yourself, the first thing you’ll probably do is go to the hardware store and buy a spray, or some traps. You’ll be glad when you see roaches squirming in the stickiness. You’ll also rejoice to see the carcasses of the pests who consumed the poison. Whatever pests or bugs you trap, they’ll be icky.

However, some roaches will inevitably get away, which means the infestation won’t be gone permanently. Leading pest control companies use custom sprays with ingredients that aren’t commercially available. 

Using their service is the only way to get these effective spray treatments. Don’t waste money or time on lesser solutions when the proper one is available from the start.

Friendly to Pets and the Environment

The chemicals you use must be harsh enough to extirpate the pests for good while being friendly towards everything else. You don’t want to cause trickle-down environmental problems by using these chemicals or upset your pets in any way!

The best pest control companies use pet-friendly chemicals approved by Health Canada, so you know they’re safe for use.

Home Protection Plans

The only thing better than uprooting the pest infestation is preventing one from happening in the first place. Leading pest control companies offer Home Protection Plans that give you peace of mind all year round, so you don’t need to experience that ugly scene with roaches scurrying in the first place.

They’ll inspect your home and the property itself for signs of any infestation. They’ll also look for anything that attracts pests in different seasons, then eliminate it. After, the company will conduct a preventative treatment, deterring pests from the grounds. 

Finally, they’ll revisit your home. If, somehow, any pests are found, they’ll eliminate them free of charge.

Friendly and Courteous

It’s natural to feel unsettled after finding pests in your home. It’s an uncomfortable thing to find, and you won’t want the technician in your home to add to any feelings of discomfort.

Anyone you invite into your home should be friendly, courteous, and respectful. Usually, leading pest control companies are locally owned businesses run by people who know the technicians personally. They can vouch for their character. 

The best exterminators show up on time, remove their shoes upon entering your home, and are professional and courteous throughout the procedure.

Whether you live in a modest home or a sprawling mansion, home is where you need to feel safe, comfortable, and in charge. Nothing undermines such feelings faster than finding a pest. Keep the above in mind, and you’ll have an easy time keeping your home pest-free.