Every person that love cooking aspires to have the perfect kitchen, equipped with all the crucial tools. Whether it is the pots & pans or any other tool, we love to stack-up the kitchen with genuine and attractive kitchenware products.

As much as we realize, some small yet mighty tools complete a kitchen. In our day to day life, we need these tools more than we recognize. That is why we have prepared this post to cover all the essential and mandatory kitchen tools that we can’t live without.

If you are just starting to build-up a kitchen or find some significant things lacking in your kitchen cupboard then the list that we are about to share will help you immensely in having it all.

#1. Pots & Pans

Pots & Pans
For cooking or serving purposes, you need a lot of pans. They should be differently sized and to serve different needs of the kitchen, they should be available in different materials as well. While there are various pans that you can buy, here are some of the mandatory additions.

  • Sauce Pan: So, you might want to cook pasta or make soup at home. For all these chores, the ideal pan is the saucepan. It has a variety of different uses for the customers and also does not take a lot of space in your kitchen. For a kitchen ninja, this pan is a must.
  • Skillet: While talking about the pans for cooking, one can never look past a skillet or frying pan. From making breakfast to dinner, this tool can be used for all the purposes.

You can either stay with the non-stick version or buy a cast iron skillet. They both have their own set of benefits and disadvantages. It is compatible with most of the recipes that you try at home. With a cast-iron skillet, you can also try baking.

#2. Chef’s Knife

If you want to buy one knife for your kitchen, then it should better be the chef’s knife. While you can gather different blades for different purposes such as bread knife, skinning, cleaver, and many others, but for routine kitchen tasks, a chef knife can suffice.

This tip is primarily for the beginners who are just setting up the kitchen and don’t want to complicate by buying multiple knives.

A chef knife has a wedge-shaped blade that is useful for a variety of kitchen tasks. These give you a smooth transition from slicing to chopping tasks.

To get great results from the knife, make sure to invest in a good model from a top-tier brand. The knife should be such that it can hold the edge for the longest time and is durable enough to stick around in the kitchen for decades.

#3. Mixing Bowl

Mixing Bowl
There is nothing that a mixing bowl can’t do. Whether you are preparing a cake and stirring batter for that or making a salad, the one thing that you need is a mixing bowl.

These are versatile tools that deserve a place in your kitchen cabinet. Since some recipes require mixing various ingredients in separate bowls, make sure to buy these in a pack of 3 or 4.

#4. Measuring Cups & Spoon

While baking or doing any other cooking task, when you listen to the recipes, the most important thing is to insert the right amount of ingredients to getting the best results.

Do you think you can do this without a measuring cup or a spoon? Especially the bakers cannot do without a measuring cup. Baking is all about adding the right proportion of ingredients. Anything less or more can ultimately jeopardize the dish.

If you bake routinely, then a measuring cup and spoon are inevitable. You only require one set of each and no more.

#5. Cutting Board

. Cutting Board
Before you start chopping or cutting veggies in the kitchen, make sure you have a good cutting board. It helps in protecting the countertops.

In cutting boards, you can find two prime options: wood and plastic boards. While you buy, be sure that wooden boards demand more care than plastic ones.

#6. Sheet pan

Whether you are baking or need a handy tool for making dinner, a sheet pan comes handy. These pans are large, and that is why you can cook the main and the prime dish together at one time.

Once you get habitual of using a sheet pan for preparing dinner, you will never let go of it. For many people, a sheet pan is a must-have in their kitchen.


Whether you decide on buying a ceramic frying pan or stainless steel, one cutting board or two, a chef knife or any other, these are some of the vital tools of the kitchen that you must have. Start collecting the essential tools today so that you can finally begin with the cooking at home.