The idea of wallpapering the kitchen might sound odd at first. After all, as conventional wisdom goes, the kitchen is the last place you would consider for a wallpapering project. When we think of kitchens them mind inevitably conjures images of shiny, uniform surfaces, marble slates and white, or brightly painted walls.

For this reason, kitchens have often been neglected when decorating the house, the attention focusing on living rooms or bedrooms. Even the lowly staircases have often seen more care and love devoted to them. The idea of using wallpaper in wet rooms like bathrooms and kitchen used to be a taboo as paper and damp environments are not known to be good friends. Well, this might have been true in the past, but we now live in the 21st century and technological advancements in materials and production techniques have delivered wallpapers coated in vinyl that are perfect for those spaces. They are resistant to moisture, can be washed or scrubbed away and are not afraid of your boiling Bolognese sauce sputtering tomato all over the place. Just pick up your wet sponge, wipe the dirt away and you are good to go. Having established that there is no safety or technical reason to avoid wallpapering your kitchen, let’s examine now why you should consider this option. Wallpapers, as we know, are an excellent solution to decorate the interiors of your house as they can transform your home environment in an original and imaginative space.


Our house is the place where we spend most of our time, so it must fully reflect our style. Everything around us affects our mood and has the power to change it, every house should radiate joy from all the walls!

There is nothing quite like wallpaper for making a big impact in a small space (and sadly, most of our kitchens fit this description). A nice, designer wallpaper is considerably cheaper than one of those fancy tiles your interior designer tries to sell you, and easier to swap once you get bored of it. You can easily use a marble wallpaper to recreate the gorgeous effect of marble in your kitchen.

Choosing the right wallpaper

We dare you to defy boredom and tradition: kitchen walls should NOT be always monochromatic and plain like the ones on your grandmother’s home. A kitchen is the center of family life, where you gather for breakfast in the morning to start your day and where you reconvene at the end of it for dinner. You spend a lot of time there; it SHOULD be a fun place.

Decorating the kitchen is not always easy because unlike other rooms in the house, here you have to find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. There is a lot going on there and organizing spaces in an efficient manner is fundamental.

A kitchen is obviously a demanding place for a wallpaper: it’s a very lived-in environment, where you cook and eat and wash stuff, so dirt and moisture are always around the corner. For this reason, there are two main technical requirements that every wallpaper model you might consider must have: it needs to be washable and moisture resistant. Vapours and heat emitted in the kitchen can create moisture issues on the walls and for this reason, the wallpaper you pick must also perform well in damp environments and must be able to be washed to sanitize the environment if necessary.

As mentioned earlier in the article, modern wallpaper for the kitchen can perform these duties without a (pardon the pun) sweat. If you want to be extra careful, you might want to add an extra protective layer of coating to your wallpaper as an additional barrier against humidity and heat.

In the kitchen we recommend using bright colours such as yellow, orange or green. Floral and tropical designs are very popular and add a touch of glamour and colour to the room.


If you love a more modern style and design, opt for geometric patterns, which never go out of fashion. Alternatively, you can also choose to install the wallpaper on a single feature wall, or maybe choose a contrasting pattern to create a unique and engaging environment.