There is no part of your property as crucial as the roof. It is the principal component that protects you from the sun, snow, rain and hail. All the elements are endured by the roof bravely. It is thus essential that not only the build of the roof is strong, but there is also provision for maintenance, repair and restoration should the need arise.

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Here are some of the key signs that you should look for to be sure that your roof needs immediate restoration.


From the inside

It is entirely possible to spot the signs of deterioration just by looking. Observe for light coming through, dark patches of water leakage, leakage trails and damp spots. Water damage can be devastating for your roof and even if a small spot appears it might be significant enough to replace the entire structure and restore the roof completely.

From the outside

Depending on the type of roof you have, you might need a ladder to climb up to inspect carefully. Take care while inspecting and look out for the following,

  • Worn out and loose materials around the structures including chimneys, pipes and vents
  • Cracks along the joint lines where the roof has been sealed or penetrated to fit in structures
  • Wear and tear along the roof surface from where rainwater might seep in
  • Signs of mould, rot and moisture patches
  • Curled, worn out and rusted shingles that might suggest integrity damage for the roof
  • Shingle granules in the gutter and rain pipes that might indicate you need shingle replacement


Any sagging in the roof which can be visible both from the outside or the inside is an indication of structural damage to the roof. It is essential that you use a professional for inspecting the sag in a roof as more often than not experts are trained to infer conditions better.


The age of the roof is also a major factor that you should consider before doing a roof restoration. Any roof should ideally last for 20-25 years. Anything more than that should be restored without fail.


When water gathers around the metal fittings and fasteners, they eat away the metal and the chemical name for such a process is corrosion. Paint flakes and rust filings are a clear indication of water damage. Invest in roof restoration at the very first signs before it becomes a bigger problem.

It is highly recommended to inspect the roof at the least twice a year. Also, you can get it examined by professionals after every two years and especially after storms and the monsoon season. Before investing in a roof restoration service do a bit of shopping around and gather quotes from various service providers to get a clear picture of what it might cost you. Ensure you will be getting the best service before investing.