If you’re trying to create a romantic setting in the bedroom, you must consider a different amount of light than you have in your kitchen, for instance. Every room in your house requires its own lighting requirements to create the perfect setting.

  • Recessed lighting or a central feature is perfect for general tasks such as getting dressed, cleaning, or making the bed.
  • Table lamps with dim lighting can offset a relaxing and restful ambiance.
  • Adding dimmers to your existing lights can also change the mood setting.


  • For shaving or make-up application, ceiling fixtures aren’t the idyllic option as they cast shadows on the face area. Installing mirror lights on the side is a better choice, particularly tubular lights, which is the same length as the mirror. For large wall mirrors, you can place light fixtures with shades above the mirror, which is pointing downwards.
  • Individual water closets require their own exhaust fans and lights.
  • Dimmers can provide adequate lighting for nightly bathroom visits.
  • A light overhead the tub and shower are an excellent choice for providing enough light when you’re washing or shaving.


Kitchens are multi-functional areas for family dinners, food preparation, and homework areas, and their lighting requirements can be challenging.

This area will need layering light such as ceiling fixtures, recessed lighting, or pendants to provide you with the light you require.

  • Recessed lights are best on the sides for reducing shadows.
  • For kitchen islands, installing a few small pendants placed directly overhead is ideal for kneading dough or cutting vegetables, etc.
  • For performing tasks, it is paramount that a qualified Santa Clarita Electrician installs under-cabinet lighting.
  • Above-cabinet lights are preeminent for lifting the mood or creating an ambient setting.
  • If you are installing a chandelier in the center of the room, ensure that the shades are facing the direct light downwards.

Living room

Living room
For this multi-functional family room, you’ll require adaptable lighting features for the different activities such as watching TV, reading, playing games, or just socializing.

Three-layering lighting will be required for this room.

  • Avoid installing lights directly above seating if you want an ambient setting.
  • Task lighting (mainly lamps) are used for reading or other activities while sitting.
    Spotlights or picture lights are generally used for focal points or artwork.
  • Dining room
  • Steer clear from positioning lights above the dining chairs as it tends to cast unflattering shadows on the face.
  • Install fixtures that are at least 12 inches less than the length of your dining table to avoid head bumps when standing up.
  • Recessed lighting should be adjusted at different angles to illuminate center pieces such as flowers or candles best.
  • Dimmers are a must-have consideration for setting a perfect mood.
  • Home office
  • Surface-mounted spotlights or flexible recessed lights can be installed to highlight things such as diplomas or awards.
  • Train recessed lights on the walls (also referred to as wall-washing) are ideal for making an office appear brighter and more abundant.
  • Make sure you’re installing the appropriate lighting to avoid annoying reflections on the computer screen.