Your home is your very own space, and you are free to decorate it in any way you want. If you’re interested in making your outdoor home space a stunning place of light and water features, you have come to the right post! 

Gone were the days that garden decors are only ideal for big, expansive places. Now, no matter the size of your garden is, there is a decor perfectly matched to its space and your preferences. 

For water features, popular garden landscaping decors include a pond, waterfalls, or fountains. Lighting up your garden water feature with leading LED lighting products from Crystal Fountains is an excellent way to add beauty to your fountain.

Ways to Light Up Your Garden

Underwater Lights for Ponds

In-water lights bring a magical effect to any water feature and garden, making it a breathtaking and relaxing view in your home. These submersible lights can be installed on the pond’s sides, vertically, as spotlight, straight-up, or angled. 

There are lots of colours to choose from and even lighting effects, depending on your preference. For more options, go to They have different types of spotlights perfect for your pond.

When deciding to light up your garden pond, remember to choose high-quality underwater lights to ensure water safety and the lights’ ongoing use. When your pond has fish living in it, be mindful of them and provide dark spaces where they can feel safe, sleep, or rest. 

Another tip is to choose bright lights for your pond. Since it is submerged, the light will be diffused, so going for those extra watts is ideal. 

The spotlight in the Water Surface

Angle the spotlights across the surface of the water to give it a reflective effect for that mesmerizing look. This looks great both in close up but also when viewed from afar.

Waterfall Lighting

Make your garden waterfall extra special even at night with some lighting fixtures. Like underwater lights, it is best to choose quality lights that will withstand being submerged in water. 

Uplights are highly recommended for garden waterfalls, and you can also add coloured lights for a lovelier effect.

Downlighted Pond

A downlight lighting fixture in your garden, usually on ponds, gives it a subtle glow. Go for cooler lights and angled positionings.

In-Pool Fountain

Decorate your in-pool fountains with submersible lights in bright and various colours. It doesn’t just make a great view, it’s a pretty cool and fun effect during night pool parties too!

Standalone Fountain

Do you have fountains in your garden? Make them stand out more even at night with a combination of spotlights and submersible coloured lights. Angle the spotlights in a way that complements the found and use underwater lights for that nice subtle glow. If you are looking for the best water feature pump, your first choice is PondMax.  


Lighting fixtures add to your outdoor space’s overall effect and bring more of your personality to your home. It is also a great way to bring attention to certain parts of your garden, such as the waterfalls or the pond. 

With quality lights, correct positioning, and angling, as well as installation by experts — your outdoor space can get its makeover in no time. 

Are you looking to decorate your garden with lighted water fixtures too? Which among the ones above are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!