Solar projects are becoming more and more popular as time goes by. The use of renewable energy sources such as solar will inevitably overtake and eventually dominate the energy production sector

As with all new technologies, there is a big learning curve with solar energy installations. Choosing what you need, or even what you want, can be a confusing ordeal especially if you don’t know the capabilities of what is available

It’s important to invest in the system that you need if you want to revolutionize and modernize your relationship with energy production and alleviate yourself of the burdens associated with traditional centralized forms of electrical power.

This article will bring up and discuss some of the more subtle aspects of the solar installation process to give you a better idea of what to expect and what to look for in the contractor that you choose.   

Solar installations are also eligible for a big rebate from the government which means you can go wild a little bit with your installation plans. 

Make Sure The Company Can Handle All Aspects Of The Build

Solar installations are deceptively simple in materials and construction. Many people think you just need to buy some batteries and some panels and you’re ready to go. That may be true for a battery charger set up or a science project, but professional installations require a significant amount of engineering and design to meet the demands they were intended to satisfy. 

Choosing a company with a wide variety of implementation options is also important to get the best practical application out of your system. That means being able to power your needs regardless of the scale or requirements of the system whether it be residential, commercial, EV charging stations, or off-grid applications.

Solar products are also developing at an astounding rate. Installers must work hard to implement the newest practical technologies to enhance customer satisfaction. Staying up to date and using standard building practices are also important for you to upgrade and maintain your system while making sure you get the most out of your system from the moment it’s installed and every day throughout its lifetime.

Choosing a comprehensive and experienced company is the only way to ensure your budget is used well. Shoalhaven Solar is a solar installation company that has comprehensive services. Companies like that offer the full range of solar installation options to build truly useful systems that will bring you into the 21st century in style.

Planning And Design Are The Most Important Aspects

If you want a smooth and easy-to-use solar installation, it needs to be professionally designed. More than that, there needs to be extensive communication about the many different aspects of a properly installed system. 

That’s because there is a lot to talk about. An experienced company will not only discuss your needs and help you design the system, but they’ll also come to your property and walk the grounds while discussing your vision on-site. This service is typically free for serious buyers. 

Professional consultation is also necessary to help you get the right system for your site type whether it’s commercial, industrial, or residential. Make sure you discuss the following things with your installer:

  • What kind of facility is the installation for?
  • What are the energy demands of the installation site?
  • Be sure to discuss any specific auxiliary applications such as EV charge stations, lighting, battery charging, well pumps, etc…that you’d like installed.
  • Consider any remote off-system devices.
  • Are you looking to offset your bill by a percentage of your total use? Or are you looking to go completely off-grid? Some power companies will even supply you with a bi-directional meter that allows you to turn your meter backward and make profits off of your excess energy production. 

After proper discussion and inspection, the installer should be able to provide you with a cost and work within your budget to ensure the most essential aspects of your goals are met. Now is also a good time to discuss any new technologies, novelties, or special applications that you might have in mind for your new high-tech electrical system.

Keeping Up With Innovation Is Key In The Solar Market

There are all kinds of new solar technologies being designed and brought to market every day. And companies need to keep up with practical innovations to offer their clients the highest quality and most efficient installation possible.

However, many new technologies that you may have heard of in the news or saw online are not practical or able to be implemented functionally. It’s important to moderate your expectations and listen to the advice of your system engineer. 

New gadgets are always really neat, but they’re also usually pretty buggy. A good company knows the difference between the new cheap component and reliable technology that’s going to last you over the long term. 

Some common and applicable residential and commercial innovations are very reliable and are revolutionizing the market in different ways. Consider some of the following for your setup before you start to finalize the process.

  • Solar Skins – new aesthetic solar panel wraps that change the look of your panels without affecting their ability to produce power. These wraps are most frequently customized to match the shingles of the building on which they are installed but can also be used to add any custom image to your panel array
  • BIPV technology – building-integrated photovoltaic technology is the ability to integrate PV systems into almost any exterior building material. This has a few advantages over traditional panel-only systems. First, BIPV allows you to utilize solar power production technology while maintaining the traditional exterior appearance of your building. Secondly, because almost every aspect of the building’s exterior surface area can now be utilized, BIPV allows you to further increase the output of a traditional PV panel system. 
  • Solar windows – these function just like you’d expect. A photovoltaic film is placed over your existing window panes. Solar windows produce more power, reduce sound pollution, and help to insulate your house.

Make Sure Your Installers Embrace All Aspects Of Solar Installations

As this article has demonstrated, there are several different facets to solar panel installation. You can differentiate the best from the worst by the way the company approaches your needs and the problems associated with your build.

A good company will spend a lot of time focusing on the design and engineering aspects of the project and will address your questions, needs, and concerns with satisfying replies. With adequate preparation, the install will be a breeze and a qualified professional company will know that.