“Home is not a place. It’s a feeling.”

And the furniture you use can significantly alter that feeling. If you are a resident of Los Angeles looking to buy new furniture for your house, then you should certainly look into some of the finest custom furniture and designer options that Los Angeles has to offer.

Just google “custom furniture Los Angeles” and see the amount of information and options that pop up in your search. This is because Los Angeles is the mecca for custom furniture. If you are not sure why you should invest in customer furniture, here’s why:

A reflection of your taste

When you get custom-made or bespoke furniture, you can choose something that fits your home and your individual sense of style.

Just like the clothes you wear, the accessories you buy and the location of your home, your furniture speaks volumes about your taste. It is difficult to make a statement with mass-produced bo store furniture. Because, as we all know one size doesn’t fit all.

No longer restricted with standard shapes and sizes
One of the biggest advantages of custom furniture is that it can be tailor made to your home’s measurements and the design you choose. You can make the furniture fit the exact specifications whether it is a low seating bed, or a customized chair for someone with longer legs, custom furniture is class and comfort combined.

Choose from the best materials

Value versus price
With so many custom furniture options in Los Angeles, you don’t need to settle for sub-par, cheaper and flimsier materials that are used in mass-produced furniture. Often the material used is harmful for us and the environment.

Instead, you can pick the best materials to meet your specific demands. If someone in your family has a respiratory disease, you can request that the material used is lung-friendly. Similarly, if you are allergic to most commercial paint, then you can ask your furniture to be finished with solvent-free and natural products.
In short, you have total power and control over the material you use.

Go eco friendly

If you are a green consumer, then custom furniture is one of the best ways to ensure that each element of your house reflects this commitment. With custom designed furniture you have the option to select from a vast range of environment friendly and sustainable material options starting from hemp board, recycled glass, bamboo and reclaimed wood.

Most of these are completely safe options and free from toxins and harmful chemicals. In recent years, the use of recycled metal, plastic and glass has gathered much momentum and you can consciously select your furniture to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Custom means legacy

Wouldn’t you love for your parson’s chair to be a story to pass on to the next generation. Hand-picked, designer and customised furniture pieces each have a story to tell.

A custom creation is something you can pass on to the next generation. Not only because it is more durable but also because the unique craftsmanship, better quality material and design ensure their value increases with time.

Value versus price

Choose from the best materials
Fast fashion furniture may be inexpensive and may dominate the large chunk of the furniture market. But custom furniture is what provides true value – whether it is in terms of sustainability or the legacy, heirloom value that a designer piece attracts over a period of time.

Support local

Be global but buy local. When you opt for custom made designs, very often you are sourcing closer to home. This enables you to support local arts, artisans and their craftsmanship. In the longer run, these ‘hand-made’ pieces have more personality and character, not to mention value owing to their local origin.

If you aren’t convinced yet, browse through Clad Home’s classy and affordable take on custom furniture. Clad Home is a custom furniture services in Los Angeles by Rose Beltran Design, a full service interior design firm.

Clad Home’s contemporary and classic designs have been featured in some of the best design publications including Better Homes & Gardens, Sunset, Domaine, Los Angeles times – to name a few.

Last but not the least, when you are buying custom furniture, you are not just shopping for today, you are shopping for the future.