Furniture occupies a large portion of our house. Although we buy furniture for its functionality, it can add an elegant touch to the home. Fancy pieces catch the guests’ eye pretty quickly and bring compliments. However, they can degrade over years, and then we have to either renovate or dispose of them. If your furniture is usable but has lost its appeal, don’t throw it in the junkyard. Try the following methods to bring those old items back to life. 

Apply clear wax

Do you want to add a natural, shiny, fresh look to your wooden furniture? Give clear wax a try. It’s a centuries-old technique to boost hardwood’s appearance. Your furniture may look slightly darker while applying wax but the original color will come back after drying. This extra layer also protects the wood from scratches, spills, wear and tear, etc. Moreover, it is environment-friendly, affordable, and easy to use. 


Another amazing product to improve wood’s look is stain. It is available in various shades at a reasonable price. You don’t need professional help to use it. First, clean up the existing wood piece and brush pre-stain primer thoroughly. Now apply the stain evenly using a soft cloth. Avoid taking too much stain at a time and leaving it too long before spreading. It will create a mesmerizing classic look with visible grains. Besides, it saves the inner part from rotting, sun damage, and moisture damage. 


Spray paints are quite cheap but they do wonders. All you have to do is clean the surface, prime, spray colors and apply sealer. Feel free to combine different tones and textures as per your project’s requirements. For a glamorous design, place laces on top of the first dry coat, spray another color, and remove the laces. This process can be messy, so make sure to use a large fabric or newspaper underneath. You can do it for almost all types of surfaces. 

Decorate with wallpapers

According to Flat refurbishment London specialists, skilled people can take care of every single detail of renovation projects, including furniture. If you can neither afford professional service nor do staining or painting, opt for wallpapers. Furniture wallpapers look excellent on doors, drawer fronts, small plastic wardrobes, table tops, shelf sides, etc. They come in unique patterns and hues. Homeowners can also find wood-grain, marble-work, or other stickers which look similar to the furniture itself. 

Add accessories or hardware

Sometimes, the furniture looks great but the old hardware ruins its glam. So, update the screws, knobs, hinges, legs, and handles regularly. There are some tricks where you don’t even have to do anything with the main items. Just experiment with different accessories. A decorative table cloth can hide all flaws of your tabletop and protect against further damage. Plus, you can place a flower vase, table lamp, showpiece, or home plants for a superior aesthetic. 


Do you know that you can transform the old furniture into something new? For example, you can make an ottoman by adding soft cushioning and paints to a tea table. Similarly, making a baby bed is possible from a crib. Your old wardrobe can be used as a bookshelf after some moderation. However, these processes require woodworking skills, cushioning skills, specific tools, and experience. Newbies shouldn’t try these ideas.