If your gas oven has been a little rough lately, you need to take a good look at it and identify the reason behind the same. With turkeys, hams and cookies going in and out of the oven, it could certainly use a little looking after and maintenance. The gas oven might not be as convenient as the microwave but it is very important for you and the kitchen. Here are a few maintenance tips for the gas oven.

Make it shine

You need to keep your gas oven clean at all times. Pick a method of cleaning that best suits you or hire professional services from UK Clean & Repair to get the job done more efficiently. You can use a simple combination of vinegar and baking soda to do the trick. Simply unplug the oven so that there is no chance of getting water or any liquid inside. Make it a point to clean the oven after some heavy cooking and baking activities.
Make it shine

Oven knobs

Do not spray the cleaner directly in this area because there are electrical components close by. If you think that they need cleaning and if they can come off, then you can soak them in vinegar. However, make sure that they are completely dry before putting them back in the oven. When the oven has knobs that cannot be removed, you can moisten a towel with vinegar and wipe them.

Check the burners

It is important to check the burners for any deformities or damage. Incase you spot any damage on one of the burners, it is an indication of a problem and the burner could short out. Hence, replace the burner so as to prevent any issue. Todd Carson from Expert Repairs ( says that gas ovens can heat up and cool down much more quickly than electric ovens. This works as an advantage when you are cleaning the oven.

Replace the bulbs

If you notice that any bulbs are out, you will want to go ahead and replace them at the earliest. A lot of ovens take a 40-watt bulb which can be easily found across any store.

Replace the gas line

Replace the gas line
Whenever the old oven is being replaced, the movement and vibration in a new oven can cause damage to the old line. Hence, you need to replace it when you install the new one. Always make it a point to replace the oven and the gas line at the same time. It will boost the oven safety and will increase its longevity.

Always keep it clean

After you have got the oven sparkling clean, you will have to keep it that way. Clean any mess as soon as you can, after the oven cools down. You can also put an aluminum foil in the oven so as to catch the grease.

These simple but effective tips will help you ensure that the oven is well maintained and in good condition at all times. Clean it regularly and check it for damages from time to time.