Moving can be challenging; there’s no doubt about it. And it’s the challenges that make it stressful.  To begin with, there are financial costs involved. You have to factor in the costs of procuring the new space, paying the realtor, packing, and transporting your belongings.

You also have to spare a day to facilitate the moving. Not forgetting that you’ll also need a day or two to check out the new space and order new supplies. In addition, there is the fear of breaking or losing something when you move. This may translate to financial loss.

While these challenges are widespread, they shouldn’t discourage you from moving. You only need to know how to minimize the risks. Besides, there is the good side of moving. For example, it’s an opportunity to occupy a new or renovated space. It also means newer living experiences. If it’s a change of location, you have the chance to establish new friendships.

To ensure that you only think of the positives when moving and that you are able to avoid all the stress that comes with moving, here are simple 5 tips to use:

1. Set a Date

There is so much involved in moving. From viewing the new promise to budgeting and from ordering new supplies to making the move, it can be overwhelming. For this reason, it’s advisable to set a date or two to exclusively focus on the moving. You may have to hire a babysitter to look after your kids as you do the shopping and packing. Depending on how much work needs to be done, you can decide how many hours to spare.

2. Selective and Strategic Planning

You shouldn’t pack without an effective plan. For starters, you need a packing checklist and packing boxes. You need to pack methodically from one room to another as you tick on the checklist the items packed. Each box should be labeled so as to facilitate an easy unpacking process. For valuables such as jewels and documents, you need to pack them in a lockable suitcase.

3. See it as an Opportunity to Declutter

Chances are higher that you won’t be carrying everything to the new space. Looking at it this way helps you to see it as an opportunity to only move what is important and a chance to buy new things. You can get rid of the clutter in your old space as you consider space-saving, economical, and modern alternatives. Some of the old supplies like clothes, shoes, damages tools, and bulky furniture can be sold online on Craigslist and eBay. You can use the money to finance your moving.

4. Leverage the Power of Photography

It can be challenging to set up your new space as it used to be. That’s why it’s smart to take photos of your old space before you start packing. You should know how the furniture pieces and electronics are set up so as to save energy and time once you get to the new space. It’s a smart idea if you are looking to maintain the style of your space despite changing locations.

5. Ask for Help

Lastly, you can save yourself a lot of stress by asking for help. You don’t have to do it alone or depend on your family only. Start with the friends and neighbors. They are likely to help you free of charge. But still, you can promise them dinner afterward to motivate them. The other option is to hire a moving company. A good place to start is . They have experts who will give you a free estimate and handle every step of the moving process to ensure that you move stress-free. Additionally, you are not subjected to unpacking fees, overcharges or fuel surcharges.

Closing Thoughts

Even though moving is marred by a lot of challenges, a majority of them are manageable with the right ideas. You can use the above tips as start. They are meant to make the moving less stressful. Since it’s a new year, you deserve new beginnings, and if moving is one of them, we wish all the best in implementing the above tips.