Shifting to a new location requires a degree of adjustment for humans, but it is far more difficult for pets to acclimatize to a new environment. As a pet parent, you must have considered whether the new address would be pet-friendly. Yet, moving away from their familiar location can be stressful. To combat their anxiety, you need to make sure that the move is as gradual and seamless as possible. 

Luckily, you can hire the services of professional moving companies to make sure that their journey to the new destination is a happy and cheerful one, as it will ensure that they have a positive experience during the shift. Check out professional moving websites like Suddath Moving for more details. Also, you can refer to this article on things to consider when choosing a moving service.

Here are some things you may look into while moving your pet to your new home. 

Prepare Your Pets Ahead of Time

Unless you have to move on very short notice due to work commitments, you should prepare your pet for the move a month or so in advance. A good way to do that is to take your pet with you when you go house hunting in the new town if possible. Cats and dogs are very perceptive and particular about their territory. 

You can make out whether they like or dislike a place from how they move around the region. If you find them exploring the place with their innate playfulness, start making the final arrangements for moving. 

As the days draw nearer, start getting your pets used to a pet carrier. It is the safest thing for them when they have to go for a ride. They might find the idea of entering a small cage-like structure unwelcoming at first but entice them with treats and their favorite toys to get in. 

Start taking them out for their usual rides while inside the carrier to make them get used to the idea of this new way of traveling. Increase your ride by ten minutes or so to acclimatize them to longer durations of traveling this way so that on the final day, they are relaxed about this entire process. 

Checklist for Moving with your Pet

Here are a few crucial things to keep in mind when moving your pet. 

  • Make sure you have consulted your vet so that your pet is declared fit for long-distance travel.
  • Check if you have packed any medications your pet might be on. 
  • You should find out about pet-friendly hotels along the way should you need to stop over at night in case of long distances. 
  • You should double-check your pet’s ID. 
  • Make sure you have packed your pet’s food, water bowl, and favorite toys to make their journey as stress-free as possible. Avoid giving them too much food or water right before you start your journey. 
  • Find out about the pet laws and animal regulations of the county or city you are moving to.
  • Get all the medical records and pet vaccination documents in place.
  • Enquire about a new pet in the destination city so that you can schedule a check-up within the first few days of the visit to make sure your pet is safe after the travel.

The Best Way to Move Pets Across the Country

The best way to move pets across the country is to hire the services of a professional moving company. You would be wrong to assume that they are only meant for transporting your material belongings. They are equipped with specialized, temperature-controlled vans and secure carriers. They have professionals tending to your pet for the entire journey, keeping them relaxed and reassured. 

For long distances, these professionals will take out your pets for rounds, give them food and water, and examine their health. With professionals taking care of your pets, you can make your journey at peace. This is very useful if you have to travel by air or train and you cannot bring your pets along due to the paperwork involved or some other reasons. You are reunited with your pet at the final destination. 

By hiring professional moving companies for your pets, you will ensure that safe travel over long distances. Your pets can be more sensitive to this change in the scenario than you can imagine, especially if you are moving to a geographically different region from your original place of stay. You can check out sites like Suddath Moving for more on pet transportation. 

Taking proper precautions and hiring professionals will ensure that your pet is physically fit and emotionally content and looking forward to staying at its new home, just as you are.