Moving is a stressful event that we have to deal with in the time of going to a new home. We can’t leave any of the belongings behind. The main reason for being stressed is that moving requires lots of time, effort, and money. Basically, there are plenty of professional moving companies available that will do your work without any problem. But professional moving service is quite expensive and hard to carry for everyone. However, there are so many cheap moving options that will reduce the cost of professional moving services. So, let’s find four alternatives of pro-moving service.

Alternatives of the full-service moving company

Moving personal belongings is really hard work. All of our personal memories and feelings are connected with those belongings. So we can’t take the risk of breaking anything accidentally. Because that could change the happy mood into a sad mood. In that case, a professional moving service will be best. But when it is a question of budget, we need to search for a cheap but reliable moving service. In that fact, here we will talk about the best alternative of expensive moving service companies. 

DIY Method

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. That means you have to do the moving on your own. Surprisingly, the DIY method of moving will cost you 0 dollars. Most of the experts will not recommend you to do your moving by yourself. Because moving of residential belongings needs special care and good quality of transportation. And also any mistake can be ended up damaging your stuff. However, If you have a shortage of budget and can’t carry the cost of hiring a professional hiring company, go for the DIY method

For DIY moving you may need some extra hands. Your family member could be the best option when you need to load and unload. However, in the DIY method, you don’t need to rent a truck or hire anyone. So you can use your pickup truck for transporting stuff. Though there will be no one to help you, you have to do all the packaging and related tasks. So, it will take time and energy to finally complete. 

Rental Truck

Professional moving services come with a combination of all tools that are required in moving. For example, to transport things from one place to another place they use moving trucks. Those cars are mainly designed for moving. So it has all the necessary features that will be essential and helpful for moving residential belongings. We know that a full-service moving company costs huge money for doing all the moving stuff. 

But if you don’t want full service, you can rent a moving truck. It will save plenty of your money. However, if you are moving a short distance with a short amount of belongings, a rental moving truck will be best. But in that case, you have to take care of packaging, loading, unloading, and driving the truck to the destination. 

So if you decide to do all those things then you don’t have to hire a full service moving company. Rental moving trucks will save costs only for a short distance. If you have to move interstate or cross-country, you have to rent a one-way truck. One way truck rental prices are high and can raise your cost. So, rental moving cars are one of the most popular full-service moving alternatives that could save plenty of costs.


Moving Pods and containers are basically made for portable storage. Pods are for short time storage and containers are for long time storage. Those portable storage are made with safety and security. So your belongings will be safe and sound for a long time. Nowadays, those pods and containers are great alternatives for full-service moving companies. 

Storage containers are used for cargo so the build is hard and capable of long-distance moving. So, you can just rent a medium or big-size container according to your belongings. Then the container company will drop off the rented container at your preferred location. Now you can load the container carefully. 

When the container is ready for moving you can call the container company to transport the container to the new location. On the other hand, you can send it to the warehouse where they store storage containers. It is all up to you what you wanted to do with the container.  

Help of friends

Friends are not only for spending time together. You can use the help of friends to execute the moving program for your new house or business opening. The help of friends in moving is another alternative of a full service moving company. It also saves costs and builds strong relations between friends. However, with friends, you can move all the belongings as per your plan.  

Bottom Line

If you have enough budget for your relocation then you must hire a full-service moving company. On the other hand, the above-explained alternatives will save you plenty of bucks. If you want to avoid the cost of relocating you can use one of the alternatives. DIY moving will save all the costs regarding moving from all the available options. Which one is perfect for you is up to your decision.