While constructing a home, roofing is one of the most important factors to consider, as it protects your family from the harsh weather conditions besides supporting the walls of your home. You should always choose a sturdy and environment-friendly material for building the roof of your house. By far, metal has been regarded as a popular choice for roofing material but there exist certain myths about this inherently strong and durable material that should be busted.

So, let’s get on with it.

Myth 1: They are an unnecessary investment

As metal roofs can be a little more expensive than asphalt or other types of conventional roofing systems, there’s a rumor that it’s not worth your investment. However, the metal roofs last longer than most of its peers, sometimes, serving you for decades at a stretch. This makes them quite worth every penny you spend on them.

Myth 2: Metal roofs are extremely noisy

They are nothing of the sort. As the metal roof is generally installed over a solid base, the insulation provided sucks up all the noise of impending raindrops or hail. When it’s installed by licensed contractors, like the ones at Abraham Roofing & Siding with optimum industry experience, you won’t hear anything that you can call a ‘noise’, especially during rains or hailstorms.

Myth 3: They can attract lightning

This is the most ridiculous myth about metal roofing without any science backing the claim. According to the experts, a lightning bolt always strikes an element that has direct access to the ground. As the metal roof is an isolated structure, the chances of it getting struck by lightning are the same as that of asphalt roofing. On the contrary, metal is said to be way less combustible and prone to lightning disasters than wood or shingles

Myth 4: They can rust easily

No, they can’t be. They are completely resistant to any kind of insect damage, like termites and they don’t rot, rust, or grow mold and mildew. This apart, the accumulated snow slides off easily from the metal roof, as it absorbs the sunlight directly. These days, the metal roofs that you get from reliable contractors are meant to last for decades with minimum repair and maintenance.

Myth 5: They can be dented easily

Another ridiculous myth that does the rounds among common people is, anything hard that falls on the metal roof can cause a dent in it. The metal roofing systems developed nowadays are completely resistant to such accidents, as they are constructed using the sturdiest materials. They are designed to tolerate all kinds of substance abuse and are also quite walkable.

Myth 6: Metal roofs look absurd over a luxurious home

If aesthetics is a primary concern, you should know that numerous luxurious and contemporary homes have the metal roofing system installed, as it’s available in a variety of designs, styles, and textures. You can pick one that meets your aesthetics requirements to go ahead with the installation.

Wrapping it up

Stop believing in the aforementioned myths and learn more facts from the experts, who have the experience to tell you better. While choosing the roof material, you should leave no stone unturned to ensure that you get the best kind of protection for your home. And metal roofing does tick many of the boxes.