Aren’t you tired of walking over 8-inch tall grass, a surface where you can’t even see your shoes? No wonder you’re running low on customers!

It’s time you tried to cut things down a notch!

Aesthetically appealing commercial landscaping is dependent on various factors. Achieving well-maintained and attractive landscapes start with expert design services where you need to consider all aspects. This service includes garden plantings, traffic flow, drainage, irrigation, lighting, and above all, green space.

An empowering landscape invites more customers and boosts the company’s reputation. Most businesses pay little to no attention to their outdoor spaces; instead, they keep renovating the interior. Every morning you let those automatic doors sense your identity so that you can spend another day at the office – even though you own the building. You’re so “in deep” with what’s happening indoors and forget to catch a glimpse of what’s causing havoc outdoors.

Keep in mind: when someone enters your building, they witness the outdoor landscaping.

So how do you create a commercial landscape that enchants customers and keeps them coming back for more?

By following a few simple commercial landscaping ideas and tips, you can enhance the appeal of your building’s outdoor premises. Don’t know where to start? Here are nine proven landscape improving tips – enjoy!

1. Let the Visitors know Your Story 

Your commercial facility has a signature brand or persona. Your goal should be to convey your brand right from the start.

The first impression of your institution or business begins at the exterior. As your customers and clients approach the facility, they will capture a sense of what your values and missions are.

Well-maintained and designed commercial landscapes send the message that you care about your patrons’ and employees’ well-being and appearance. It also implies that you care about the sustainability of the location. Therefore, tell your story through the courtesy you give to these attributes!

2. Always Be Welcoming 

Attractive commercial landscaping is all about spreading the kind of goodness that attracts customers. Encourage your visitors to stop by and walk through your landscape. The tallying of thoughtfully created parking areas and handicapped access ways shows that you are unanimously friendly.

Build some outdoor seating areas, as these encourage employees and customers to take advantage of the sunlight and fresh air. Water features can also be a bright idea. A soft surface play area for kids to relish is another inviting attraction.

3. Distinctly Define Traffic Flow

There is nothing more irritating than exceeding a property ingress because it didn’t get identified clearly. That said, the entrance drive should be well-defined with grace and curb cuts, stately perimeter plantings, and pavement markings. Divide parking bays with a series of paintings for visual comfort and appeal. Choose pathway materials that are beautifully textured and colored for effortless navigation.

Furthermore, commercial landscape designs don’t revolve around plantings only. All areas of the land, including the admission sign, need to be supremely-lit for night-time. For an aesthetic effect, consider less indiscreet pillar lights with LED lamps and safe step lights.

4. Look out for any Damages

Take some time off your busy schedule and walk in the shrubbery. By doing so, you can poster the minor damages that are present on the lawn. The indemnities could be wrecked sinkholes, pavements, and any other hazardous conditions. It is essential to check the cracks and get them fixed on time.

5. Overseed and Mow

If there are any imperfections present on the lawn, make sure to cover them up with over-seeding processes. We’re all aware of the benefits of seeding, aren’t we? It covers up the turf and protects it from unwanted patches. Other than that, mowing is another crucial factor that helps keep the lawn in good shape.

6. Highlight the Architecture

The enterprises are often the focal point of any property. If the architecture is mesmerizing, add plantings that direct customers to the building yet allow additional space for the building to get revered in full.

If the building is less than heavenly, consider making a solid statement by adding a green roof or a living wall to tell a story about repurposing the edifice for the environment’s good.

Furthermore, commercial landscapes go beyond the peripheral vision. Therefore, don’t forget about interior plantings, particularly in atriums and lobby areas.

7. Vibrant Themes

Your commercial landscape must represent a suitable color theme so that it can blend with the rest of your surroundings. Also, you must pick colors that will make your landscape area look large and beautiful at the same time. Vibrant and natural colors that complement the other landscape accessories are well-appreciated for commercial landscapes.

8. Control the Weeds and Pests

Don’t let these things slip from your hands.

Pests and weeds are significant problems for almost any lawn. Therefore, always take the help of a professional to remove the pests and weeds in the garden. Furthermore, use the recommended pesticides to safeguard the plants from bugs and other pests.

Also, for the plants to be green and healthy, conduct the proliferation at regular intervals. The compost created by the waste can be helpful, or you can use a few endorsed fertilizers to keep the lawn in tip-top shape. Nevertheless, be sure that you use the right enricher at the right time.

9. The Irrigation System

Ah, the most crucial part of the show!

For any garden, the irrigation system is essential. Any damages in the network can lead to terrible landscape drainage problems for the plants and the overall lawn. Therefore, check out the valves, water pipes, nozzles, and sprinklers for the damages. Other than that, check the systems if they are functioning correctly or not.

The Takeaway: Let the Greenery Show!

Don’t shave your land and soil; let it glow with greenery – but don’t forget to maintain its beauty.

Follow the above-mentioned commercial landscaping tips to make the people driving by or walking by turn their heads to get a good view of your business property. When thinking about design, consider how your backdrop will look at maturity, prioritizing the scale and placement of shrubs and trees. Besides that, understand the level of maintenance required with the appeal you choose – only then will you be able to hypnotize walking customers!