Want to create the ultimate personal sanctuary this summer? Although knocking down walls or installing new major appliances might be out of the question, flexing your interior decor chops is an easy alternative. In fact, using the right window treatments, flooring and furniture might let you reap even greater rewards than you’d get from tackling more extensive projects.

How can you renovate your living spaces to keep up with the times and satisfy your daily needs? Modern design isn’t just for show — Today’s innovators are rethinking interiors with functionality and purpose in mind. Here are some of 2019’s most promising trends just in time for your summer home makeover.

Keep Your Flooring Cooler

The throw rugs that kept your toes nice and toasty all winter might make life unbearable during the hotter months. From capturing allergens to holding onto heat, carpets have multiple disadvantages that become even more pronounced when it’s hot.
Keep Your Flooring Cooler
If you’re fortunate enough to live in a place that has tile or wood flooring, then this is the time to expose it. Let it all out by moving your area rugs, runners and other floor coverings into storage for a few months. At the very least, you’ll probably find areas that could use an extra-thorough cleaning.

Make a Statement With Wall Coverings

Hangings and similar wall coverings make it easy to redefine your interiors without getting covered in paint — or enraging your landlord. They’re particularly useful in the summertime because they let you create sweeping changes quickly when it’s too hot for more complicated projects.

What kinds of hangings are ideal for your summer decor scheme? One of the coolest things about this form of art is that you’re free to express yourself. For instance, although posters and pictures are relatively common, you can spice things up with a crochet, macrame or woven wall hanging in a geometric or representational style. Even better, these hangings make great DIY craft projects that you can display proudly — If they’re sufficiently thick and properly placed, they may also help block some of the heat coming through your exterior walls.

Brighten Things up With LED Lighting

At certain times of the year, even the smallest bit of excess warmth can feel overwhelming. In addition to lowering your energy bills, switching to LED lighting can reduce the amount of extra heat your lights create. While these fixtures do produce some heat, they radiate less of it towards you, which is a welcome perk during summer.

LED lighting is also ideal for impromptu summer decor because it’s lightweight, low-power and easy to install. Whether you favor tiki-style lighting or paper lantern strings, it’s fairly easy to rework your surroundings and set the mood without breaking into a sweat.
Brighten Things up With LED Lighting

Treat Yourself to New Window Treatments

This form of redecoration serves a vital energy efficiency purpose — Windows are notorious for letting heat leak through your building’s envelope, or exterior. If your AC doesn’t seem to cut it when the midday sun is blazing, then it’s a safe bet that your windows are the culprit.

Fortunately, you can correct this problem without hiring a team to tear out your old panes and install new Energy Star-approved alternatives. There are a few different kinds of window treatments that can help, and they don’t take too much work to install or maintain:

  • Curtains are time-honored options for blocking summer radiation. You can pick your preferred level of heat-halting power simply by choosing an appropriate light blocking fabric, and they come in a complete spectrum of colors and styles.
  • Shades are like curtains, but they’re designed to move vertically. People tend to appreciate their more refined appearance, but due to their folding mechanisms, they may take a bit more work to install.
  • Blinds offer a slick cosmopolitan option with lots of heat-blocking power. If you prefer a clean, unadorned look, then they’re ideal for you. They’re also relatively inexpensive.
  • Films include a variety of self-adhesive treatments and products designed to stick directly to your window panes. Although they take up a lot less space than curtains, blinds or shades, they still have plenty of vital impacts — On top of blocking intense light and reducing heat transmission, they maintain your privacy without sacrificing the view.

Do Better With What You’ve Got

Do Better With What You’ve Got
As a summer-conscious interior design aficionado, improving the air circulation inside your home should be among your primary goals. If your house is packed with furniture, appliances and other unwieldy items, then you’re only making things harder on yourself. Opening up space for airflow might just make your place feel more refreshing.

Good interior decorators are always willing to make sacrifices, even if it means putting favorite furniture pieces or accessories into seasonal storage. The best layouts abandon clutter in favor of clean functionality — If you’re able to move around freely and feel a slight comfy breeze flowing through your home, then you’ll be far more likely to enjoy the time you spend soaking up the AC.