Getting a home with the desired features is not an easy task when you have so much to choose from. Not to worry, you are at the right place we have spacious home features that best suits your taste and inspire you to build your new home. Different packages come with different features and with the rising demand of people wanting to buy homes with specific features, it’s hard to know what’s going to suit your needs in the long-term, or what’s just a phase.
Below are the top picks for features that we have for you.


The number of bedrooms matters a lot. You may not be a family of six people however, having enough bedrooms with a couple of spare rooms will make a huge difference. A small family of 3 will do well with a three bedroomed house which allows for one spare bedroom to become a multipurpose room. Adding a feature wall to your bedrooms can create a whole different feel to the house. Consider opting for a colour that will match every season, then your can overlay with some seasonal paintings to keep the room feeling fresh. If you need more spare then think about adding a walk-in wardrobe and leave plenty of space for storage. This will help you to keep everything in the one place and not mess up your bedroom by keeping your items in places they don’t belong.


Many people want a spacious kitchen, these days both parents take part in the kitchen or often cook together. Sometimes the kids are helping out too. You need a kitchen that will fit everybody so consider opting for the extra space when you’re designing the house. The kitchen is the center of attraction when visitors come to visit your home, make sure you select a great splash-back that won’t show stains and will be timeless. Think about the details and go for some exciting kitchen handles. These types of features are very easy to swap out in a couple of years and will give the kitchen an entirely different vibe.

Spacious living room

Spacious living room
You’ll want to entertain in your new home so consider a spacious living room with enough room to fit a couch, an armchair or two, coffee table, and a tv. Think about building your tv table into your wall to save on some space and open up the room. Placing your TV within the wall will not only help to conceal it but it will keep it safe from being bumped against when you have friends and family over.


Before deciding on settling for a home, location matters a lot. You want to live in an area with lots of carparks available for when you have guests over and you also want to live in an area which feels safe. Always look for an area close to a park and public transport so you can spend more time with your family and less time traveling.

Outside living area

An outside living area is essential for a person who likes holding parties, anniversaries or just needs extra room for some peace and quiet. Choose a home and land package that gives you room to move outside. Leave enough space for a 6-seater table, outdoor couch, and BBQ area. If you think you’ll be adding other sections then make room sooner than later. It’s easier to open up your space when your house is being built than to renovate later on.

Number of rooms available

Number of rooms available
Our home packages vary with the number of rooms you want to purchase. Most of our houses are 3 bedrooms and more. Tell us the number of rooms you want in a house and we will sort that you.


Each package comes with different amount of money. So, its up to you to decide which home comfortably fits within your budget, again don’t strain yourself too much. Work within your limit.

House design

Building a house is a huge undertaking however, our designers and builders will make this process as easy as possible. An added advantage of building a home at Carvers Reach is that you’re already able to make use of our gyms, kid playgrounds, dog-off park for pet lovers and much more. So you just need to worry about building your dream house and we will take care of the rest.