The auto industry is constantly improving technology and making new innovations in car safety features. Safety features, such as adaptive headlights, auto braking, and collision warnings, are quickly becoming standard on new cars. Where Safety is the important part of your car then parts from TDot Performance are safe for the driver. They have high-quality parts for your car at lowest price. Are you on the market for a new (safe) car?

Then you’re going to want to make sure your new ride has these car safety features. Keep reading to learn more about this new tech. 

  1. Blind Spot Monitor

Cars can have a lot of blind spots. These are areas that block your vision of the road or other drivers around you. No matter how you angle your mirrors or look over your shoulder, there will be things you just simply can’t see while you are driving.

This is where blind-spot monitors come in handy. Blind-spot monitors are safety features that are common in new cars. Sensors detect when other cars enter the driver’s blind spot and alert them to possible hazards with flashing lights or a verbal warning.

  1. Lane Departure Warning

Lane departure warning systems are similar to blind-spot monitors; it employs similar technology. The car safety feature is designed to help drivers pay attention to where they are on the road.

If a driver gets distracted and starts to drift toward the side of a road or into another lane of traffic, sensors will pick up on this and give a visual or audible warning. Newer cars with this feature can even react and automatically steer back into the lane to keep the car centered.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

For some, cruise control is an indispensable feature. Adaptive cruise control is an advanced form that uses radar sensors to automatically adjust the car’s speed to match the flow of traffic and to slow down or brake if another car is detected in front.

Vehicles with multi-sensor systems gather data from traffic signals and other cars to help improve the technology

  1. Rear-View Backup Camera

The rear-view backup camera is perhaps the best safety feature in modern cars. It assists drivers in parallel parking, towing, and avoiding backover injuries. It will help reduce on blind spots as well. 

  1. Dynamic Braking

As you already know, when to power is cut to an engine—it stops powering the machine it is propelling. This is the same for vehicles. However, large motors don’t come to a rapid stop all on their own. This is where dynamic braking comes in.

Dynamic brakes are one of the best safety features in electrical cars. They are very efficient and effective.

The Top 5 Car Safety Features to Look For in Your Next Ride

These 5 car safety features are vital components that should be at the top of your list as your search for your next new car. These features, such as blind-spot monitoring and lane-departure warnings, use radar sensors to keep you aware of what’s around you on the road. Make sure you look into tech like a rear-view backup camera and dynamic braking.

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