Sweeping renovations can effectively turn your kitchen into a brand-new space. In addition to providing your family with a new spot to congregate and enjoy meals together, a full-on renovation offers homeowners a prime opportunity to upgrade their appliances. Although high-end appliances generally don’t come cheap, if a renovation won’t inspire you to invest in new appliances, what will? Given how large an investment new appliances represent, it’s in your best interest to protect these purchases and get the maximum return on your investment. So, if you’ve just gotten a new kitchen and want to keep your updated appliances in peak condition for years to come, put the following pointers to good use. 

Invest in a Comprehensive Home Warranty

A good home warranty can provide you with tremendous peace of mind and save you a small fortune in repair costs. As the name suggests, home warranties provide coverage for a wide range of appliances found in modern-day households. With the right home warranty in your corner, you won’t have to break the bank every time a major appliance finds itself on the fritz. Knowing you’re completely covered in the event of an unexpected appliance breakdown is sure to be a welcome change of pace for people accustomed to paying a king’s ransom in repair costs.   

Don’t Put a Strain on Your Appliances

Most kitchen appliances receive a fair amount of use. For example, it’s hardly unusual for households to run multiple loads through the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer each day. Furthermore, those of us who love to cook tend to put our stoves, ovens and microwaves through their paces. Since many big-ticket appliances are designed to be used on a daily basis, there’s generally nothing wrong with getting your money’s worth. 

However, as resilient as most appliances are, it’s still important that you use them as directed and avoid placing an unnecessary strain on them. For instance, habitually overloading your washing machine stands to damage the drive belt and place undue strain on various other internal components. Not only can this type of misuse result in considerable damage, it can also present a number of safety hazards and render the machine completely unusable. Additionally, since many of us regularly misuse our major appliances without even realizing it, you’d be wise to consult a device’s owner’s manual if you’re unclear on how to properly operate it.

Follow Manufacturer-Recommended Service Schedules

Some kitchen appliances need to be serviced on a regular basis in order to operate at peak efficiency. Refrigerators and ovens are among the major appliances that need to be serviced at least once a year. During service calls, seasoned pros will carefully inspect your appliances, make note of any problems they spot and perform any repairs they deem necessary. Furthermore, if an appliance is in need of a good cleaning, they may attend to this, too. Certain appliances may need to be serviced on a more frequent basis, so if you’re not sure how often a kitchen appliance requires a professional touch, simply crack open its owner’s manual or visit the manufacturer’s website. 


Keep an Eye Out for Small Problems

A seemingly inconsequential issue can become a major problem if left alone long enough. So, when using your kitchen appliances day-to-day, keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Even a minor defect can be indicative of something more serious, so be extra-vigilant when it comes to appliance issues. If a small problem persists, researching the issue online or getting a professional opinion may be the best course of action. Not wanting to spend money is understandable, but parting with a little bit of capital now stands to save you a considerable sum down the line. 

The kitchen is among the most important areas in any modern-day home. In addition to serving as a prime spot for congregation, this is also the area in which food is stored and meals are prepared. Given how essential working kitchen appliances are to the wellbeing of any household, any of these devices breaking down can put your family in a tough spot. Fortunately, keeping crucial kitchens appliances in peak condition for the foreseeable future needn’t require large amounts of time, money or effort.