In this age and day, a larger portion of employees and self-employed individuals have one thing in common. They work jobs involving the use of computer technology. This means that most of their tasks involved sitting for extended hours behind a laptop or PC screen. As research has proven time and again, this subjects them to a wide range of health risks, including back pain, posture problems, weight gain, and a wide range of other issues in-between.

Thankfully, different types of ergonomic furniture have been designed to minimize the various health risks faced by office workers. Assuming you guessed right, a standing desk is one of the solutions. It minimizes the hours spent sitting, allowing you to stretch and maintain some level of activity while at work. This comes along with various other benefits, including increased concentration, reduced stress levels, enhanced energy levels, and relief from back pain. But the big question is; how do you choose a good standing desk?

Without further ado, let’s look at some qualities you should look for when buying a standing desk.

1. Consider the Height

As established earlier, a standing desk can save you from a lot of health problems. It can help lower your risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, neck and back pain. Before buying a standing desk, it will be essential that you check on its height and ergonomic characteristics.

For starters, you should buy adjustable standing desk to suit your height. This should help lessen musculoskeletal disorders brought about by poor standing/sitting positions. It helps avoid fatigue and discomfort in the lower limbs, muscles, lower back, and feet. Therefore, a good standing desk should be easily adjustable to suit your height. It should not strain your back, elbows, or wrist. It should raise your laptop to your comfort level, so you can face it straight from your eye level.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

A standing desk is a worthy investment that goes a long way in keeping your overall health and wellness in check. But what’s your budget? Before buying your piece, consider your budget. How much do you want to spend? Do you want a sit-stand desk converter or a full-sized desk? Your budget should guide your choice because some standing desks are obviously more expensive than others.

If you are a bit strained on cash, you will want to compare your options and buy a pocket-friendly desk that will save you some money. However, do not be too quick to buy a cheap desk without considering durability and other factors. The features of the desk should be prioritized, which is why AmpDesk provides the Pro and Lite versions to pick from. This way, you can choose the one that suits your budget without compromising on the important features. The idea is to get a quality standing desk that will favor your health and well-being, as well as your functionality needs.

3. User Friendliness

A good standing desk should help you prevent chronic body pain related to sitting for long during working hours. To enjoy this and other benefits of a standing desk, ensure it’s not complicated to operate. It should be easily elevated and ensure you remain on your feet while working. It should be flexible, easy to mount, and quick to assemble. A retrofitted desk can be an excellent choice. It’s user-friendly. The choice of your desk should also be easily collapsed if you want to stash it away while not in use.

4. Work Surface

If you want to add your fitness over time, a good standing desk can help. It will keep you invigorated and focused throughout your working hours. Among the several things one should consider before buying a standing desk, the working surface ranks high. The desk should give you sufficient space to hold and spread all your screens. It should easily contain your whole setup. It should provide enough room for your keyboard, mouse, laptop/monitor, and other essentials in your equipment setup. Most importantly, the design should provide you with enough working surface to move your hands with ease. Get a desk that best suits your workflow with maximum space.  

5. The Weight Capacity

Before buying a standing desk, it pays to also ensure it has the perfect weight capacity to hold your working tools. The last thing you want is to work from a desk that will collapse and break down over time, damaging your delicate gadgets. It should safely host all your working gadgets like the computer, printer, and other equipment, protecting them from damage. Since standing desks are designed differently, remember to check the maximum weight for the desk before your purchase.

6. Consider an Electric Desk

Lately, the electric standing desk has gained quite some traction among many office workers. It can be a great option if you have deep pockets. Despite the elevated costs, it comes with numerous advantages. For instance, you can adjust it at a touch of a button. It’s inbuilt with pre-set memory positions, making it easy to control the height even remotely via Bluetooth. It will simply elevate your workspace to perfection.  

7. Warranty

A standing desk is not a small investment. Depending on your needs and the quality you are looking for, it can cost a ‘fortune’. It is, therefore, essential to ensure you purchase a desk with a warranty. In case anything goes wrong, you can always return the desk to the vendor or manufacturer for a replacement, repair, or refund. It will save you from incurring more costs in case an issue comes up after purchase. In most cases, brands that provide warranties trust their merchandise, meaning that it can be a sign of superior quality.

Sitting at your desk all day working can have several harmful effects on your health. It puts you at high chances of developing aches, fatigue, and ailments like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Are you tired of working while sitting and you finally decided to work from a standing desk? That’s a gorgeous idea, considering the tremendous benefits that come from working while standing. The tips provided in this piece should help you choose just the right standing desk for your needs.