Homeowners struggle with pest infestation often. The challenging thing about pests is that they are only noticeable when the infestation is underway. Pest infestation means there is a significant number of pests or insects to cause disease or damage. People around Dublin call  Owl Pest Control Services to deal with their residential and commercial pest infestation issues. 

Reasons pests get attracted inside your house

Pests infest your home because of several reasons.

  • Weather change
  • Season change
  • Loss of habitat
  • Food or/and water shortage

The natural habitats are vanishing as more and more forests are getting transformed into land for residential or business use. Pests look for basic needs water, food, and shelter, which homes provide them well. Therefore when weather changes, food sources are destroyed, or water dries up, your homes look pretty attractive to several household pests like ants, rodents, termites, mice, and others.

Easy access

When weather changes or there is too much cold or rain pests look for indoor shelters. They easily squeeze through tiny cracks and holes in the foundation, doorways, windows, sewer lines, drain pipes, and plumbing. People save cardboard boxes in the garage or attic, which roaches and rodents adore to use as nesting materials or grow their family. Rodents living in the attic invite flies, roaches, and other insects that survive on rodent’s droppings. 

Water in abundance

Pests can live on water dripping from leaky pipes and faucets. Stationary water in the drain because of clogging or in the garden area is an easily accessible water source for vermin. Other sources are the water accumulated in trays under a plant pot or by the poolside or in the cooler or in the pet water bowls. 

The majority of insects need a little water to survive for months. Their digestive system is adapted to extract water from eaten food.

Open food

Critters are attracted to sweet food in paper or cardboard packages. Rodents easily nibble through the cardboard to find the crackers or other treats. Small tidbits attract ants and you cannot prevent crumbs from dropping behind kitchen appliances. Rodents are nocturnal and survive on crumbs you forgot to clean after a snack. Unwashed dishes in the sink offer an enjoyable dinner for rodents and roaches. Pet food bowls can be a late-night buffer for the mice and their young ones. 


Waste disposed of in the dustbin is garbage to you but for insects and mice, it is food. Cockroaches feed on decomposing or dead organic matter, whereas wasps look for sugary substances, fish, and meat. Rodents enjoy dining on the sour, sweet, salty, and bitter flavors from food thrown in the garbage. With so many unwanted guests waiting to transform your home into a contaminated and diseased home, it is wise to take steps in managing your garbage properly.

Common household pests that invade homes and commercial properties in Dublin

Nocturnal unwanted guests wreck your furniture, eat your food, defecate on the floors, borrow your clothes, damage your favorite shoes, and even bite if you go close. Some of them are unattractive and even smell. People happily approach Owl Pest Control Dublin to get rid of these insects before they start mating and laying eggs. 

Below are some common troublesome infestations. Some you can manage, whereas for a few there will be a need to contact pest control services or exterminators. Professionals even agree that clean indoor and outdoor is the best prevention.

Mice & rats

Mice are a common home pest and they are capable to multiply extremely fast. Rats, on the other hand, are a kind of emergency because they carry E. coli, salmonella, Weil’s disease, and TB. Rat and mice can gnaw through cables and wood, which can increase the risk of fire. 

It is not advisable to handle rat infestation on your own because the disease it carries and the rat poison are also a threat to your health. Allow the professionals to handle it because they are trained to do it correctly with appropriate precaution and safety. 


In Ireland, black ants can be a nuisance, especially in summer. They sprout wings, turn up inside the home in huge numbers and alarm everyone. They bite, which causes minor irritation but if you are allergic it can be painful. 

They don’t carry disease so are not a huge threat but to discourage them from entering the house you can take some steps. Ensure that the home is clean without any tidbits or crumbs lying around. 


The false widow, very common in Ireland, is a spider species that rapidly multiple and can be nearly as dangerous as the black widow. Their bite is venomous, so never provoke them. You will find false widows all across Ireland causing acute hysteria. For many, the bite is like the prick of a wasp but a few are allergic and suffer from chest pains and limb stiffness. 

Other common spiders that infest Dublin homes are cellar spider and giant house spider. Both are harmless but no one desires them around. Spiders infest homes that don’t get regularly vacuumed, so start vacuuming!


Loose-spread food can invite cockroaches. At night, when the kitchen light is turned on and you hear scuttling then it is a sign you need to handle cockroach infestation. They are smelly and unsightly. They are good at breeding and spread diseases like salmonella, dysentery, and typhoid. 

If the infestation is localized and small then a ready-to-use pesticide will work. Cockroaches spread rapidly to adjoining rooms and properties. If you own a terrace then controlling them without expert intervention is impossible. 

Bed bugs

People accidentally carry bed bugs as souvenirs from hotels or vacation spots. Bed bugs survive on human blood. The bites are painful. They even infest in the cleanest house. To eliminate them there is a need to steam clean, every soft furnishing, bedding, and each nook and corners. Bed bugs spread with ease but it is embarrassing to ask your neighbors. It is better to have a professional pest control service take the necessary elimination steps.


In the warm summer season, animal fleas enjoy surviving on your carpet. They don’t survive on humans but grab the opportunity to gorge your ankle blood. Your house has fleas because of a pet. There are commercial flea solutions available but are not sufficient to defeat their entire life cycle. 

There is a need to wash the bedding of the pet as well as spray the curtains, carpets, and soft furnishings. Ensure you are not using household flea spray because it contains permethrin, which is toxic to fish and cats. 


If there is a wasp nest under the eaves or in the attic you will stay away from those zones because of sting fear. You can remove the wasp nest in the dark. At this time they are least aggressive or active but don’t risk using torchlight. You can spray insecticides on the nest. If you find a wasp nest in winter, knock it down as it is vacant. 


The larval stage of wood munching beetles is popular as a wood worm. In warm homes, timber gets dry and is a less friendly place for woodworms, so they crawl out. If the woodworm has infested your coffee table then use a woodworm killer solution but if you identify it in structural timer then call professional pest control services immediately!


Flies are unsanitary and feed on animal feces and decomposing food. It can include bird or dog poo or dustbin garbage, etc. They carry dysentery, parasitic worms, cholera, salmonella, and TB. In summer, you find a couple of flies in your kitchen. If you are plagued with the swarm of flies then look for the main cause. Ensure there is no stationary water outside or inside. Have every surface clean, so they are unable to find places for laying eggs. 

Some pest situations can be resolved using DIY products. Some types of pest infestation need entry point inspection, yard examination, moisture check, and discussion with the homeowners of the pest issue. They suggest what precautionary steps to take for resolving the current dilemma and even offer tips to prevent future ones.

Professional Pest Control Help

Customers in Ireland approach Owl Pest Control Dublin because of the following reasons.

  • More than 20 years of experience.
  • Provides discreet services.
  • Offers competitive quotations.
  • Carries comprehensive liability insurance.
  • Technicians are highly qualified and licensed.
  • Offers same-day service.
  • On-time arrival for pest control services.

Owl Pest Control Dublin aims to resolve pest issues and prevent reoccurrence. Technicians are equipped with the tools and products necessary to eliminate any kind of pest issue. They drive a fully equipped service van. 

Owl Pest Control Services specializes in –

  • Rats & mice extermination.
  • Eliminate crawling insects like black ants, carpet moths, maggots, cockroaches, pharaoh ants, and silverfish.
  • Remove flying insects like flies and wasps.
  • Detect building proofing issue and resolve it, so pest infestation does not happen again.

Owl Pest Control Services even help the food sector to comply with the BRC, HACCP, and other safety standards with specific pest solutions. You can contact them via phone or email if you sense pest infestation in your home or office. Make your surroundings pest-free and promote healthy air quality indoors and outdoors. The technicians will even help you to take proper prevention steps to avoid the top 10 unwelcome house pests crawling or flying inside your home.