There are many things that can result in a burst pipe in your home. Unfortunately, the damage caused by a burst pipe tends to be far more extensive than simply some busted plumbing. This is particularly true in instances where the pipe has been burst for some time without anyone noticing.

If a pipe in your home bursts, you could be facing repairs to everything from flooring to electrical work. Not only can such repairs be incredibly costly, but they can also take a great deal of time to make as good as new and return your home to its former state.

Even though the situation you are facing with a burst pipe in your home might be incredibly frustrating, it won’t be impossible to restore things to their former condition. With the right experts on hand and a firm timeline in place, you can reclaim your home and put the entire situation behind you.

If you are currently looking to recover your home after a burst pipe, here are a few tips that can help you with the process.

Call in the Experts

The very first thing that you should do when you discover that a pipe has burst in your home, causing significant damage, is call in the experts. There are a number of professionals that you will need to get in touch with. 

For starters, you should reach out to a qualified plumbing expert who can give you an initial assessment of the situation and get to the bottom of why the pipe burst in the first place. You can get in touch with such a plumber at

Once you have learned the extent of the damage and what it will take to get things back into working order, you should reach out to your insurance company to file a claim for the work that needs to be done. This will help to reduce or eliminate the personal cost to you of reclaiming your home altogether.

Lastly, you should waste as little time as possible to find a good contractor who can help to make any other necessary repairs to your home. Water from a burst pipe can cause damage to your floors, ceiling, or walls. A good contractor will provide you with a quote and a timeline for how long it will take to get your house back into a good condition. 

Have Things Cleaned

Depending on which pipe has burst, you might very well need to hire a professional cleaning service to come and perform a deep clean on the areas affected by the burst pipe in your home. Furthermore, it is a good idea to take this step anyway once any and all construction work is completed on your home.

Even a small amount of construction work can result in a build-up of dust and debris on the surfaces of your home. In order to fully reclaim your home after a pipe bursts, you will want to have everything cleaned up and sanitized properly.