Apart from the beautiful patterns and the stories behind the craft, placing a rug or two in your space helps in many ways. From creating a sense of space to showcasing your lifestyle in the classiest and subtlest of ways, there are so many reasons why you should invest in rugs. Let’s get started.

Wall Art, Room Dividers, And More

Do you want to define separate segments of a single room – an example can be a sofa/lounge area in the corner. Placing a rug in the center of the arrangement makes this a defined space. On the same note, you can make a room more vividly defined by partitioning the floor space between two equal-sized rugs. Think an old-world pattern on one side and a classic solid on another – that is equivalent to creating an invisible wall and also maintaining a sense of spaciousness.

Rugs are just not for your floor space. They can be hung on your wall as art. You can invest in some luxurious traditionally woven ones. Rugs can also be matched with each other, striking a common thread and theme across your space. You can also use one rug as the pivot for your larger color theme throughout the room.

Before choosing a rug design, make sure that they look good in your room. If your wallpaper has vibrant patterns or you have chosen vivid, active tones, then a sober-toned solid rug can balance that out, creating a perfect harmony. The opposite works too – if your interiors follow a subtle, subdued theme – a vibrant rug will add a dash of color and activity that you need.

If you are planning to add a rug that reflects your exciting personal style, why not go for boho rugs? In fact, home decor experts across the globe really like these Bohemian rugs here and strongly recommend them. Beyond being just home decor additions, these rugs are like history and art lessons. You cannot have a better conversation starter.

How To Buy A Rug?

How To Buy A Rug
Sizing up your new rug is important. Take measurements of the floor space where you plan to put it. If you are covering an entire floor, we would suggest subtracting a couple of feet, maybe three, from the length and the width. That ensures that you get a snug fit and you can lift the rug conveniently when you are cleaning the house.

Rugs do not have to be the typical rectangle shape. It all depends on how you have arranged your furniture. Think of the overhead view – the rug as the medallion in the middle and the furniture as the motifs that surround it.

Look for symmetry and ensure that the rug is the centerpiece. If you have a square or rectangle furniture arrangement, an oval or round rug will be ideal. Smaller spaces can do with one defining rug. If you are designing a larger space or a commercial space, then a set of matching rugs is a better idea.

How Do I Determine That An Oriental Rug Is Valuable?

Are you picking up an expensive oriental rug? There are a few ways you can determine that it is an authentic and valuable piece. These rugs are hand-stitched, so there will be certain inconsistencies in the stitching. If the expensive oriental rug that you are looking at has straight perfect stitching on the back, that is probably a machine-made rug and you should not be paying a fortune for it.

Cheaper rugs use cheaper dyes and you can easily find out by rubbing a piece of wet tissue on the rug – the cheap dye will show on the paper. This is a sign that the rug will bleed when you wash it and can damage other items around, besides getting an ugly, discolored look. Remember that the expensive, hand-stitched rugs are valued because they look beautiful even after years of use.

Different Fibers Of Rugs

Different Fibers Of Rugs
Rugs are available in many fibers. Expensive oriental rugs are stitched from wool but they are not the only options available – you can relish a range of modern, plain, and patterned designs in several other materials. Linen and jute rugs are a favorite amongst the new wave of designers who value sustainable manufacturing since they are plant-based.

Plant-based fibers are affordable and materials and sisal and are fairly durable. Wool has the best texture and is super-soft – good ones can last generations. Another good quality that wool has is stain-resistance – a spill does not get observed immediately so you get a decent window of time to take care of things.

Combination fibers are also quite popular. A wool base with silk motifs gives the rug a fuller look by adding an attractive top dimension, some sheen to the foundation. Synthetic rugs have their uses too – they are extremely durable and great for places with children and pets. They can also be used outdoors.