Unlike when homeowners would only concentrate on renovating large rooms in their homes, there is more interest in bathroom spaces. This is not just a place where you take a quick shower and leave, but also somewhere you can relax.

It should be a place where you get rejuvenated after a long day or when feeling fatigued. If it is not welcoming and comfortable, then you can only take a few minutes in the shower and leave. 

With the latest fixtures and furnishings, this space can be transformed significantly. Considering there are many options in the market, how do you decide what will create your dream bathroom?

Giving Your Cold and Dull Bathroom Life

Regardless of the bathroom’s size, you can rediscover luxury and style. If you have been going to the spa, you understand the luxury and feeling that comes with being one. 

When you need this kind of experience, it is not necessary that you go to a spa. Yes, it feels good doing this considering all the amenities and luxury there, but you cannot afford to do it daily. 

The secret to having such an experience often is to enhance your bathroom. How do you do it? The good thing is that you will be spoilt for choice with all the options available. 

Here are some ways that you can give life to your cold and dull shower room.

Heated floors in a bathroom

What better way to improve your home than to bring comfort and warmth?

Creating a luxurious bathroom should not be hard and having underfloor heating is one way to do it. When renovating your space, this is one of the things to consider, and you will be bidding cold feet goodbye. 

Besides keeping your feet warm when taking a shower, there are a multitude of benefits from this floor. A good quality one will last for more than three decades, making the investment worth it.

Benefits of Installing Heated Floors

Heated floors come with numerous benefits. Although they can be a bit hard to maintain especially, when they are damaged, the advantages surpass the disadvantages. 

From even warmth to the comfort and luxury that comes with it, there are many benefits of installing one.

Warmth Is Distributed Evenly

If you have been experiencing unpleasant times in the bathroom due to cold floors, this will be a great addition. One advantage of installing a heated floor in the bathroom is uniform heating. There will be no areas that are warmer than others. The warmth is distributed evenly. 

Cold drafts can be quite uncomfortable especially, during the cold season. You can count on this floor for improved comfort. 

The other thing to appreciate is the quiet operation. When it is running, there will neither be ducts nor blowers. You can take a shower in total comfort.

Safe for All

Perhaps you are concerned about people burning their feet or allergen activation in the bathroom. When purchasing the floor for bathroom renovation, get to learn about its safety features. You can buy one based on this. 

This could be a huge concern, especially when there are kids or the elderly involved. Even when there are none, no one is ready to take the risk of burning themselves trying to warm their feet.

The other reason they are known to be safe is they do not activate allergens or dust in a room. At times there could be mold or dust somewhere in the room. 

In the case of forced air systems, dust and allergens could be blown around. It is a risk to those with respiratory issues. 

The benefit of heated bathroom floors is that this is not how they operate. They operate quietly, and they do not blow any air. 

They Are Energy Efficient

One reason most homeowners are opting for heated bathroom floors during renovations is that they are energy efficient. They can cut down your utility bills by more than 20 percent.

The heat produced is contained underneath the floor, unlike with forced-air systems when it escapes. This is how you save on energy.

Easy Installation

It is alright to be concerned about the ease of installation. A professional bathroom renovation contractor will not have a hard time putting it into place. 

Regardless of your flooring type, it can be installed successfully without issues. Although stone and tile flooring have a high thermal conductivity that makes them more ideal for this floor, it can be installed on others. 

It can also be customized according to preferences. The secret is getting a professional to do the project for you. 

They Are Available With Varying Features

Heated bathroom floors will vary from one manufacturer to the other. While one may have a specific feature another one will have a different one.

One common thing about them is that they come with a thermostat. This makes control and operation easy. 

If you wish for more control of your floor, check the features on the model description. For example, you can choose a programmable one. With this option, it will be easy to program the heating.

Be in control of how long you want the system to run, turn it on or off as you wish. If you have a fixed schedule, you are in control of all that.


If you are planning to renovate a rather dull and cold bathroom, consider an in-floor heating system. It will not only rejuvenate your space but also distribute warmth evenly. 

Although the initial cost can be high, it is a worthy investment that will cut down your utility bills in the long run.  

Besides being energy-efficient, they are easy to install, maintain, and enhance the luxury of the bathroom. If you are planning on selling the home, this will be an advantage.

Noise will not be a problem as it warms the space quietly. As part of a renovation, installing a heated floor will enhance the comfort of the bathroom.

Eliminate cold feet after a shower and especially in winter when it can be extremely cold.