The festive seasons are the arrival of happiness and giggles in the house, the house is well lit, and everyone is at their best. With the festive season on the verge, people can bond with their families, and the squeaks of the little one’s become everyone’s favourite. Among these all happy moments, one should never forget that they should not let their guard down because it can be troublesome if they do so. 

As per the reports, there is a great spike in thefts and other crimes in the festive and wedding seasons. So it would be best if you always were prepared for s situations and also there are some points to be kept in mind which can avoid any such situations. So it’s better to take precautions until something happens. 

This article will discuss some methods that will make it easier for you to make your house safer and avoid thefts.

The advanced, the better

The first and foremost thing that has to be kept in mind is the house’s security; this includes everything placed in the house from security. These include all the latest tech like CCTV( Closed Circuit Television), hidden camera’s, biometric locks, pin locks, Dual Authentication locks ( ask for OTP too), live camera devices and many more.

Even cameras come in with breach alerts that notify the user’s device as the device is breached and start sending the live feed from the camera. 

The latest tech forms an impenetrable dome-like system that makes your house safer. So it would be best if you focused on these techs. You can also use UV sensors in your garage, using sensors and reflectors to create a safe area.

Showing off is a bad choice

There are various cases in which the robbers have known about the house being vacant by scrolling through social media feeds as people post showing off about their travel. So refrain from sharing such information on social media profiles or make your profile private.

Also, if you have an expensive vehicle, keep it covered, so it does not catch the robber’s attention.

Keep a trustworthy staff

It is always a good choice to keep a trustworthy staff at work, including a watchman, maid, cleaner, laundry person, etc. You must always go for the people you have known, and if there is none, you should ask for property identity proof.

Once you have collected identity documents next you have to verify these documents and address proof.

Also, check with the local authorities that the person does not have a criminal record or runaway. This makes it easier to settle your trust in new staff.

Buy an insurance

There is a very popular saying that when clouds didn’t rain, then there were no wells, which implies that if a burglary occurs, you will be left with nothing. So you must always have robbery insurance which covers your various commodities if they are stolen. So this way, if you are robbed, you won’t have to start all over again this way.

Sometimes it’s a great trouble to come out of a robbery, but it turns out to be a great support if you have insurance.

Keep your secret places safe

Various places in your house are only known to you as a safe vault without referring to their literal meanings. These secret vaults include the region above the door or in the flower pot known only to you. Sometimes people tell other people about these secret places, and this is rather a bad option.

It would be best if you always kept your secret places only to the house members who can access those to retrieve keys.

Also, one should never write down a security PIN on the door or anywhere or share it with someone else. The security PIN shouldn’t be something that one can easily guess, like your DOB or year of Birth.

Take care of Luggage

You might have seen couples travelling with bunch loads of bags and in such cases it’s tough to keep track of all of them. So either you should paste slips on all these bags if they all are mandatory to be taken. Else you can always take only the necessary products because you cannot manage much luggage.

The simple rule goes like two bags are enough for a person, and if there is a couple, then 3 is the limit.

Avoid dark routes and activate GPS

GPS ( Global Positioning System) is one of the greatest developments of the decade as it has allowed people to keep their location updated to their close ones easily. You might get lost when you travel to new places, so you should always go for well-lit roads and keep your GPS ON.

There is also a feature of LIVE location sharing, which helps others track you and find you back. Also, there are GPS watches that keep your location updated.

Keep Gun for safety

Having a legal weapon at your home is very important because you need some weapon to safeguard yourself in an instant of burglary. So, various wholesale gun safes can keep your weapon safe and easily accessible in an emergency.

You should keep these weapons with their safety locks on, and also, you should legalize these weapons, and you must have training in using them. These weapons should be kept in a secret safe where they can be accessed only by you.

Be Aware of Surroundings

You might have noticed people walking on the streets with headphones and their heads covered with caps of their hoodies which is not a good choice on roads. If you are on a lonely road, you will never know what struck you from the back, whereas it increases the chances of accidents when you are on a busy road.

Also, keep an eye on the people near your house, which includes vagabonds because they might be taking rounds to check out the routine of the residents. So you can ask the watchman to not allow anyone without entry and permission.