If you’re wanting an outdoor storage unit at home, or even if you’re wanting to have your own prefabricated garage, you can actually get the same amenities and convenience in a building by getting a shipping container.

These conex containers allow you to store things just like a garage would, weatherproof and all, and at the same time, allow you to have rental options and avoid having to pay all of those hefty taxes for having an extra building on your property (most states allow conex containers to be taxed merely as personal property). What’s more important is that if you can’t afford the lump sum, you can always rent one. In this guide, we’re going to tell you how renting a container for your outdoor storage or garage may be more beneficial for you.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Keep Your Belongings Safe
Most shipping containers actually have advanced features that you would normally get with a regular garage or outdoor storage shed. With weatherproof options and high-tech locking options available, you know that your items can’t easily get broken into (or just won’t) because nobody wants to deal with the hassle of the master series locks you can put on a shipping container as compared to a regular door latch.

No Hardware Required

When you want to rent a container, you don’t have to make any repairs. As a matter of fact, you’re not supposed to until you own the container itself. However, this is actually a blessing more than anything. You don’t have to build with the raw materials necessary to use your shipping container. It just gets dropped off, and you can fly with it. Simply get it delivered and start storing your items that you need stored right away, no questions asked.

The price is right.

Choose from a variety of rent-to-own. YouWhen you finally choose a shipping container, you can often choose from a variety of rent-to-own options that are available to finalize your purchase and give yourself a leasing option when it comes to renting to own. If you’re only needing it for temporary storage, no worries. You can cancel your contract when necessary. If you’re purchasing it, then you will be billed on a monthly basis just the same as you would be for any other building or home.
The Price is Right
The only difference in price is the difference between a used or refurbished unit and a brand new container. But what’s important is that many times you can get a deal worked out, so you can have nearly the same average rate regardless of which one you choose.

Hassle Free

Shipping containers are more hassle-free compared to actual buildings. and even more so when you’re renting one. Why? Because it’s the seller or provider’s agreement that any maintenance and repairs, or licensing, be done when you get the shipping container. You may be able to work out a contract that opts you out of repairs and makes the provider liable as well.


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