Appliances can be considered as significant investments, however, like humans, they have a life expectancy. According to the National Association of Home Builders, a regular refrigerator has an average life expectancy of 13 years while a central airconditioning unit can last you 15 years. Of course, these all depend on the durability of the machine and how you properly maintain yours. If you’re taking good care of them, they could last you longer.

But still, you cannot expect that the 20-year-old refrigerator that your grandma gave you will last you another 20 years – although you can hope or maybe have it inspected and repaired from time to time. As most of us do not want to spend all the big bucks in buying new appliances, we tend to try extending their lives by having them repaired. But to what extent do you need to have them fixed?

If you weigh it for a second, repairing your old appliances might cost you less; however, purchasing a new one can function better. It seems natural to decide if we’re just talking about the budget. You should know that there are a lot of essential factors that you should consider. These factors will help you look into your situation and understand which is best: to replace or to repair?

The cost

The amount of money that we have to spend is probably the most critical factor for us consumers. How much will it cost you to repair or to replace? Before going out on a whim and buy the first machine that you see, it is better if you’ll do your research before anything else. Ask for quotations from repair companies and look into the market if how much a new unit costs. Aside from this, there are also instances wherein old appliances will you require you more in the electricity bill department, especially now that there are modern units that are said to be energy-savers. So, you should also look into that.

The difficulty of the repair it needs

Sometimes an oven that is broken just has a part that needs replacement. This is why it is crucial to have it inspected by a repairman – to know if the damage is only minor. In some cases, you can even do them on your own. If you need to use your machine on the same day that it broke down, do not panic. Conveniently enough, some companies offer same-day appliance repair service.

The degree of the damage

Find out if having your broken appliance repaired is worth it. The damage could be severe that there is no point in having it fixed if it will just break down on you over and over again. That will only cost you more money.

The increase of its value over time

There are chances that old appliances could increase their value after decades, depending on the brand and quality and then be considered as antiques. These antique appliances have heavier-duty build and better.features compared to other brands and units. So maybe, holding onto that fridge that your grandma passed on can be a good idea.

Sentimental value

If money isn’t an issue and you really value the first appliance that you bought from your very first salary, then maybe there is still a reason just to keep having it repaired. Nothing can compare to the happiness that your appliances can bring because of the memories that you associate with.