With a growth in the consumer spending capacity, and subsequently a splurge in their demands as well, the interior designing industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds. Besides, the exotic homes that urban consumers, and the ones in the metropolitans in particular demand, there have been many other sustainable trends, some of which insisted by the consumers, and some of which that have been brought aboard by the interior designers. With this blog, I intend to take you through the concept of residential interior designing, and also some interior designing trends in 2019.

What is Residential Interior Designing?

Residential Interior Designing
It’s quite obvious! While a part of the interior designing industry deals with commercial complexes, designing hotel interiors, corporate offices, and the likes, the other deals with residential interior designing. There are a few who do both though. Residential interior designing is a subset of residential architecture that primarily involves innovating spaces aimed at improving the functional efficiency of the house, and to add to its aesthetics as well. That is only the fundamental intent though. However, advancements in technology and the growing consciousness amongst customers have inspired residential interior designers to turn more creative when it comes to innovating designs that are livable, and at the same time grab the onlooker’s attention. Residential interior designers, further, are also credited to graduating a house into a home by designing its interiors, beautifying it, making optimal use of space, and yet not turn it into a cluttered and congested space.

Residential Interior Designing Trends 2019

Residential Interior Designing Trends 2019
It’s here today, and it turns obsolete the next day. That’s what you call a trend, isn’t it? It is extremely challenging to keep up with the trends. Nevertheless, as a professional, you can’t complain about it to anyone but work upto them to make your modern consumers happy. Of course, there are many, but as time is always in our enemy, we’d be looking at the most common ones out of them.

1.Colorful Floors

Colorful Floors
As Indians, we’ve traditionally been used to watch monotonous, simple and typical floors. Perhaps, having colorful floors never occurred to us. But, the good news is that it occurred to the new home buyers. Colorful floors are one of the most delightful trends of 2019. People want their floors to be painted with vibrant colors that would give an ecstatic appearance to the apartment.

2.Geometric Walls and Color Patterns

Geometric Walls and Color Patterns
When it comes to walls, we’ve evolved from those usual distempers, plastic paints, luster, wallpapers, and through many other color types and patterns. Geometric walls are amongst the latest 2019 trends in interior designing. I’ve seen geometric walls in the past, although not as much as in number as I’d probably be seeing this year. Geometric walls entail painting the walls in multiple geometric figures including, triangle, rectangle, square, hexagonal, etc.

3.Designer Walls

Designer Walls
While geometric walls are one trend, designer walls are other. It’s all about the consumer’s taste. Perhaps, some of them would have both. This trend involves draping your wall with delightfully designed fabrics for a smooth textured look. As a result, your wall would look bright, vibrant and all the more cheerful.

4.Retro Accessories

Retro Accessories
Retro accessories add to the aesthetics in a manner, no other trend would. As we still are in love with some conventional things, having an old radio, perhaps, an old vase, or an antique object defining your style statement, could make your home even better and intriguing.

5.Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens

Garden Terrace
Unlike a few decades ago, we live in compact spaces today. No matter, how much ever interested you’d be in nurturing a full-size garden the compact space may disallow it. As a solution, the idea of vertical gardens is gaining momentum. People looking forward to having a top to bottom green wall, prefer developing vertical gardens or walled gardens.

Remember, it’s your house, and when it comes to designing your house, you’d want to get it designed the way you want, with, of course, creativity and advice contributed by your interior designer. You could be a trendsetter, rather being a mere trend follower. Rest, when it comes to incorporate the latest interior designing trends of 2019 in your own house, you may want to refer to the ones specified in this blog. Or, get in touch with a good interior designer for more insights on the trends. Want to Be A
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