Whenever you visit any historical place or any house that is well decorated, what comes to your mind? Have you ever thought I wish to make my house look like this! I think you did, even for once. How one cannot fall for well-executed interior designs. Interior design not only gives a beautiful look to buildings but also gives a pleasant and healthy environment to the people.

Interior design in ancient times & development

If we look at the ancient structures, there are amazing interior designs. Everywhere in the design of a building, window, door, or furniture, there’s the touch of artistic sense of the designer. Interior designs were just a part of building in the past. After the mid-19th   century, interior designs expanded broadly with the industrial growth of countries. Furniture firms began to offer full house furnishing by making interior designs as their business sector. Their new business idea was successful, and it led the way to take interior design as a profession. Limitations of space, user-friendly and functional designs have contributed to the development of interior designs.



After world war-two, interior design was established more like a profession. As for spending on the home increase, interior design courses of various types were introduced. Interior designs played a secondary role in architecture.  It also has work connections with architecture, industrial design, engineering, crafts, etc. Standards and qualifications were often incorporated into other professional sectors that involve design. Organizations were established to educate and maintain the standards of designs.

Residential design

These designs are for private residents. This type of interior design is very specific for every situation and section. Design parameters vary here with the desire of customers, different people having a different choice, give challenges to the designer. Interior designers may work on this type of project from the beginning or renovate a place. It may take a short time or a long time to finish with the client’s prospect.

Commercial design

Commercial design has a wide range of sectors. Like-

  • Retail: Malls & shopping centers, departmental stores, specialty stores, and showrooms are included here.
  • Corporate: Business office and bank office designing are in this sector.
  • Healthcare: Designing of hospitals, doctor chambers, laboratories, and medical offices, things related to healthcare.
  • Institutional: Governments office and institution, school and college & universities, etc.
  • Exhibition: this includes the design of the gallery, museum, and exhibition hall.
  • Traffic building: Bus and train stations, airports, etc.
  • Recreation: Sports academy and complexes, cinema hall, bars, clubs, restaurants, music hall, cruise ship, cafes, etc.

Besides these other design areas are hotels, events, convention centers, amusement parks and so many.

How do interior designs have an impact on us?

We either stay at home or our workplace, and we all want to look at those beautiful and eye-soothing. Humans have always devoted beauty from ancient times to till now. So the appeal for interior design has never stopped also. Interior design also benefits us psychologically by providing a comfortable place to function properly.  Being in a good environment boosts our mind too.


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