Not everyone can make a career out of real estate. It requires an iron will and exorbitant emotional tensility to sustain the drama that this domain entails. However, the drama does not stay within the confines of a career in this volatile business. It spills over to the life of anyone who is even remotely associated with this sector. Buying and selling a property is as challenging as foraying into this area with long term career plans; especially if you want to put your house on sale. It is not going to be easy, and you have to prepare yourself for the long haul. While you will always find people asking you to behave a certain way while dealing with your customers and following few rubrics of real estate transactions, you must also be aware of the rookie mistakes that people commit and try to avoid the same at all costs. Without any further delay, let us find out what those mistakes are.

Losing Your Calm:

You will draw a fair share of interested buyers when you put your house on sale. Some might carry sophistication and erudition in their veins, while the rest might be absolute brutes. In fact, it is always better to think of the latter as a more recurring phenomenon. Your buyers want the best offer in the market and will make sure that what they invest in is worth their money. You cannot even blame them if they want to scan through every corner of your house and check for loopholes. Their behaviour might be shocking and boorish, but it shall not bode well for you to lose your calm. You need to be polite and cooperative. However, that does not mean that they are entitled to get their job done by putting you at an utter loss. You have the final call on who is to own your house after you. Staying calm only implies that you need to be emotionally stable under such moments of duress.

Not Getting Real About Your Offer:

You cannot set any random price and expect to sell the house in the blink of an eye. You have to understand and acknowledge the condition that your house is in and set the price accordingly. There are thousands of properties in the market, and therefore, you need to function in tandem with the current market price. You should not set unrealistic prices and delusory offers. You are not going to gain anything out of it. Also, do not under-price your property. You need to be aware of the market condition and only then decide upon a price. That is the only right way to go about the process. Also, consider consulting a real estate counsellor or manager to learn the rubrics of this domain and prevailing market conditions. It can help you decide better.

Not Hiring an Agent:

Trying To Make a Sale in Winters
It is always advisable to hire an agent even though they can come in quite pricey. However, if you have a fair share of knowledge about buying and selling properties, you could skip this point on your checklist. But, if you are a first-time seller, you absolutely need to hire an agent for the job. They can guide you through the right routes and help you set the best price on your house. First-time sellers often make this mistake of trying to get through the deed on their own and end up in a soup. There are countless ways to go wrong. Therefore, you need a guide, like the ones in HigherOffer LLC of Phoenix, who are ever ready to walk you through the arduous task of enlisting your house and putting it on sale the right way.

Trying To Make a Sale in Winters:

Winters are sluggish and fit only for hibernation and holidaying. Therefore, it is pointless to seek for more buyers for your house. People would much rather look for places to picnic or spend the holidays in, rather than properties to buy. Thus, ditch the idea of selling your house in the winters, and instead use that time for renovation and damage repairs if required.

Neglecting Damages:

You cannot go more wrong than ignoring the damages of your house. If you want to sell your house at the best price possible, you have to make sure that the damages are tended too. Repair that leaky faucet, or malfunctioning doorknob. No one likes to move into a broken house. No one would buy the house in the first place. You need to invest some amount of money and energy into putting things into place if you want the best out of the sale. If you do not want to be cheated during the sale, make sure that you do not deceive your prospective buyers too. It works both ways.


Selling a property is no cakewalk. It requires patience and determination. However, what is more important than patience and persistence is the awareness to go through with the sale. You need to be aware of the market and the common mistakes that people usually make so that you do not commit the same.