Do you know there are 2.5 million burglaries every year? Learn how to burglar proof your home here with these 10 creative tips.

Burglaries happen more than you may think. In fact, according to the FBI, one happens every 15 seconds, which may seem a bit alarming.

As a homeowner, burglary is something you need to be aware of. Not saying you need to be alarmed but it’s always good to take extra steps to ensure your home is well protected.

And although thinking about things like decorating your home may seem more fun, thinking about ways to protect it is more important. Luckily there are some easy steps you can take to burglar-proof your home that doesn’t involve purchasing a high tech security system.

Learn how to protect your home here with these 10 tips.

Secure Your Doors

The easiest point of entry for any burglary is through a door. You want to inspect your doors to make sure that the door frames are in good shape as well as the hinges. If your door has a mail slot, check to ensure that someone can’t reach through it and unlock the door.
Secure Your Doors
And this doesn’t just apply to the front door. You’ll want to inspect your back and side doors as well. If you have a sliding glass door, consider placing an adjustable safety bar on the interior bottom track for added security.

If after inspecting your doors you are wondering if one of them needs to be replaced you read more here about how to know when it’s time.

Check The Locks

If your doors are in good shape but your locks are not, then you still aren’t protected. Locks tend to be the weakest parts on a door, and you want to ensure you have a good quality deadbolt that secures the door to the frame.

You can find quality locks at your local hardware store and ideally want to pick ones that are made of brass or solid metal.

Installing a deadbolt is a relatively easy process and will give you way more protection than just a standard door lock.

Light Up The Night

Burglars or other people up to no good don’t want to be seen. By having plenty of outdoor lighting at night you will help keep these folks away.

It’s important to have the light reaching everywhere so you’ll want it in both your front and back year, along your driveway, and around any outside structures. These lights will help prevent people who don’t belong in your yard from sneaking up unseen.

Not to mention it will also help light your path for any night you make it home past dark. You can even opt for solar-powered lights so this doesn’t affect your electricity bill.

Eliminate Hiding Spots

If you have a beautiful luscious landscape full of trees and shrubs, this can potentially create hiding spaces for burglars. Although you want your yard to look nice, you also don’t want to have so much plant growth that it becomes the easy cover.

Consider trimming down your bushes so that they wouldn’t be able to hide a person in them.

Window Locks

Another common point of entry is through an open window. Many manufacturers installed latches on windows aren’t actually all that effective.
If you take a look at your window latches and notice they are flimsy or easily broken past, consider adding some extra window locks.
Window Locks
If you want to take your window security a step further you can even install glass break sensors that will alarm you if a window has been busted.

Security Signs

This may sound silly, but you don’t necessarily have to have a security system to reap the benefits of one. You just have to make the burglars think you have one.

Actually many burglars will be deterred by security company signs and stickers alone. Placing these security signs or stickers in easily visible spots will give anyone who is scoping out your home the impression that it is protected by a fancy system.

Remember The Garage

Many people will take the time and effort of making sure their back door and front door is locked but will forget about the garage. You want to get into the habit of closing your garage door and keeping it locked, just as you would the front door to your home.

If you have valuable things inside your garage, consider covering up the windows so that someone can’t see in. And remember to never enter your garage code in front of anyone you don’t know and trust.

Security Cameras

Security cameras work great as a way to deter criminals and also catch them. Many burglars will avoid a house once they notice they will be recorded but if for some reason this alone doesn’t stop them, you’ll now have footage to show to the police.

There are many different options when it comes to security cameras and some even work from your phone.

Home Automation

If you are someone who travels a lot, you may wish to keep your house looking occupied so that no one sees it as an empty place they can break into.
Home Automation
Home automation can help you control lights, tv, locks, and security cameras.

This can be great to help your home always look like there’s someone inside. Not to mention many of these systems allows you to monitor your home while being away which can give you an added peace of mind.

Get A Safe

In the very unfortunate event that after your best efforts, someone still breaks into your home consider purchasing a safe for all of your important documents and items. An in-home safe is perfect for valued items like jewelry, passports, and family heirlooms.

A with a good heavy-duty safe a burglar won’t be able to simply walk off with it. You’ll want to purchase one that is waterproof and fire-resistant so that in any unforeseen event your things will be okay.

Burglar-Proof Your Home

Figure out the best ways to secure your home doesn’t have to be an expensive chore. By following these 10 different ways to burglar-proof your home, you’ll ensure that you’re protected as best as possible.

And keep in mind these things don’t have to all be done at once. You can prioritize which are most important to you and then work on the rest later.
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