When we think about playgrounds for kids the first things that come to mind are fun and safety. Sometimes it’s hard to put your trust into somebody else to ensure your kid is having a good time in a secure environment which is normal. Still, that does not change the fact that kids like indoor playgrounds and always look forward to going there. 

I wanted to learn more about the safety of indoor playgrounds, and what you, as a parent, can do to improve that, so I talked to Uptown Jungle Henderson and here’s what I learned.

Child Monitoring

Your child will always be monitored by professionals when they enter the playground, you can rest assured. But, as a parent, to add another layer of safety, it is always good to have a look every now and then. 

A guardian will always be present within the premises of the playground, but having a look to make sure that’s the case will ensure a 100% safety. It’s not only safety that matters, maybe your kid needs something from you, and keeping an eye while you enjoy your coffee is always a plus.

You can also check if the staff is doing their job, because at no point yours, or any kid should be left unchecked. 

Proper Clothing

Even if your kid is attending a costume party, you should always think about safety first. Kids run and jump and play with each other with intensity, and sometimes their clothes can come in the way or even cause an injury. 

A guardian will always stay vigilant to provide all safety measures, but drawstrings or zippers could potentially be dangerous, and it is best to avoid the type of clothing with those applications.

Talk To Your Kids

Even though indoor playgrounds are designed in a way to provide safety and fun, it is recommended to talk to your kids before they enter just to understand what they should and shouldn’t do. 

The staff will be there to monitor and moderate the session, but it is good if your kids hear a word or two from you before they enter. This way you will not only ensure their safety, but your kids will then show others how to have fun without a risk of harm.

Recommended Age

Even though indoor playgrounds are made for kids of different ages, from toddlers to even teenagers, it is always good to check before entering. The playground will clearly state the recommended age for each playground and toys and equipment, but you can always double-check to be able to let your child play without having to worry.

What The Playground Should Ensure

Here are some standards every indoor playground for toddlers should check on their list before allowing any kids to play inside, and this is also something you should expect from a renowned company. 

Cushion and matting are soft and placed strategically to prevent injury from falls. Barriers used for various games are strong yet manageable by kids and properly tested to avoid anyone getting stuck. 

Absolutely no sharp objects are included in the construction of the play area. Every corner of the play area is accessible by guardians who have both visual and physical access. No toy has sharp edges, and are made of soft materials.

You can also check the manufacturer’s previous works to better understand where you will be letting your child play. This is not necessary, as every reputable playground already guarantees they work with quality brands, yet this is regarded as another measure of precaution.