Scroll Saw is a wonderful power tool that is used to make intricate cuts on a wide variety of woods.  Almost all woodworkers across the globe use this amazing tool to create delicate and intricate cuts. Basically, this saw is a mélange of a table saw and jigsaw. There is a platform where you can see the saw blade suspended. This platform ascertains the maximum size of the wood piece that you can cut and the blade influences the level of detail that is achievable. Though the scroll saws were basically built for crown moldings, they are a superb all-purpose tool preferred by a majority of the woodworkers.

Advantages of Scroll Saws

Advantages of Scroll Saws

  • The main benefit of a scroll saw is that it can easily cut intricate contours.
  • Ability to cut in a small radius
  • It has a powerful motor that can run at varying speeds. There is a double parallel link arm that makes it vibration and noise-free device.
  • As it is vibration-free, work is clean and precise.
  • It has an optional unit so you can even mount it on the workbench.
  • Even though a band saw is more versatile than the scroll saw, yet scroll saw is a better and more precise cutting tool.
  • The resulting edge of the scroll saw cut has a superior finish as compared to edges created by other sawing tools. In most cases, you just require very minimum sanding in order to get the final outcome.
  • You can without any problem control the motion of the blade of the scroll saw with the help of a foot pedal. This connotes that both your hands are absolutely free and you can accurately move your workpiece so that cuts are produced along the much-desired path.
  • It occupies very less floor space so you can easily adjust it wherever you want.

The scroll saw has various uses. Mentioned below are some of the areas where you can use a scroll saw and not other kinds of saws.

  • Scroll saw is primarily used by the woodworkers, artisans, and craftsmen to do their work.
  • The prime use of scroll saw is to cut delicate profiles, joints, patterns, etc on wood, metal, and plastic.
  • It is used to make wood carvings, fashion out beautiful artwork, and do intricate carvings on ivory, etc.
  • You can easily make marquetry, templates, intarsia, and lettered signs with a scroll saw.
  • It is also used to make lovely wooden toys and jigsaw puzzles.
  • Carpenters make use of the scroll saw to cut the dovetail joints when they are making jewelry boxes, small furniture items, etc.

Safety Considerations

Safety Considerations
Scroll saw is a power tool. So, it is extremely vital that you should be careful while using it otherwise it can lead to injury and damage. Follow the basic safety rules such as wearing goggles and gloves while using the scroll saw, work in a safe and clutter-free area, and do not leave the machine unsupervised when children and pets are around. Always read the safety instructions that have been mentioned on your specific scroll. Use high quality, sharp blades as dull blades are more likely to skid and lead to accidents.

Scroll Saw- Buying Guide

When you are purchasing a scroll saw, it is vital that you should be aware of some key factors. This will help you make the best purchase as per your need and budget. Scroll saws have several features but then there are some basic features that you must clearly look out for. These are- a dust extractor to keep the workspace clean, a light, bevel action for cutting sharp angles, and finally blade attachments such as a rotating blade, etc. At you will get different models and brands of scroll saws. It is recommended that you ascertain your needs and budget and then make a purchase accordingly.

The price of the scroll saw should also be given due consideration when you step out to purchase. If you have to handle harder wood then going in for an expensive scroll saw is recommended. 

Besides price other vital points to be borne in mind before you purchase a scroll saw are mentioned below:

The Size Of The Scroll Saw

The size of a scroll saw can be determined by measuring the area from the back of the blade to the back of the scroll saw. This area is commonly called the “throat.” The size of the scroll saw that you need depends upon the projects that you have in hand. Go in for a slightly bigger saw than what you need as it will offer you the versatility of use.

Weight of the scroll saw

The weight of a scroll saw is another vital factor that you need to focus on when buying a scroll saw. Heavier saws usually lead to lesser vibrations and steadier cut. This helps if you are doing detailed work. But then do not go in for something that is too heavy, lest you will have a problem doing the work for longer hours.

Type of blade

Scroll saws come with various kinds of blades. Primarily, two kinds are more popular. For cutting through the thicker and tougher pieces of wood you can use the pinned blades. Unpinned blades also known as the flat blades are meant for more intricate cuts. So, depending on what kind of work you normally do, you can choose the kind of blade you want.

Speed of the Scroll Saw

The choice of speed of the scroll saw depends on the thickness of and hardness of the material that you are cutting. When you are working with softwood, plastic, or any other softer materials you will need a scroll saw with higher speed, and when you have to cut hardwood or metal, the slow speed scroll saw is needed. Most of the scroll saws come with variable speed options. Also cutting at slow speed is relatively safer, particularly if you are new to cutting.

So, these are some of the buying considerations that you must have when you step out to buy a scroll saw. The market is full of various models. Just be little aware and wary and make the best purchase.odels. Just be little aware and wary and make the best purchase.</span>