Even through the world of interior design and modern living is filled with high-tech smart technology and renovation nowadays — nothing beats the style staple and the unique aesthetic of vintage furniture pieces and home décor styles.

The latest rage is to fill one’s home with renewed old objects. For instance, a refurnished old typewriter, an old camera and even scavenged treasure boxes are being used to decorate living rooms. This is when you know a vintage look might work for you space too.

Why Go Vintage


One of the biggest misconceptions about vintage design is that it’s shabby and a worn out version of modern rustic touches.

If you plan to decorate your space such as your living room with vintage pieces, know that vintage items are those that were made between the 1920s and the 1960s. Some people interchangeably use the terms retro with vintage which is not the case.

You can achieve this look by using old items and excessive fabric on your classic-style furniture. Even if you have a wonderful combination of colors they will do a great job in creating a vintage look for you!

Before we move on to the five top ideas for making your living room look vintage, here are some rules about vintage interior décor.

The Floors

Vintage floors are traditionally wood floors. These country style living floors are usually in the form of wide planks. A Victorian style room may benefit from a narrow tongue and groove flooring. With gentle oriental rugs you can able to give the room a more shabby chic Victorian flair.

Decorating the Walls


You want to hand wainscoting or bead-board only halfway on the wall. Think dark shades which gives off a Victorian library vibe. Stenciling around the top of the wall is one way you can add an old chic touch to your living room. Also when it comes to wallpapers you should go for faded colors — preferably in rose patterns.

The Windows

A great idea would be to use classic tab curtains on your window rods which will give it a more colonial vibe. A curtain making service in Edinburgh suggests to experiment with different colors and design for window dressings. You can also opt for white floor length sheer curtains or pinch pleat draperies.

Now that you know your basic vintage décor rules, check out these top five tried-and-tested ideas on renovating your living room with a vintage theme.

1. Move the Furniture Around

One of the most popular trends is using deck chairs in your living room. If you think about it you will probably remember quite a few scenes from old movies where the interior of the house is set up like this.


Make sure that while lugging the furniture around you do not lose the classy element of it all. Do everything with a dash of sophistication.

This is the only way to show that the chairs and tables are in your living room for a purpose and not because you are redoing the backyard. Some of the popular choices include pieces made out of natural wood, wickers, glass and aged metal.

2. Show More Individuality

Being unique is a big thing in interior décor, it gives you an exclusive style; your living room will never be like anything your guests have ever ventured in before. We must not forget that even here custom-made furniture can be supremely expensive and therefore it helps if you do your research on the more affordable and accessible options.

You may just find passionate people breaking into the industry who create amazing pieces but don’t charge a massive profit.

3. The Dining Space

People love having a dining area in their living room, a place that doubles where their friends and family can enjoy. But more than that it can make a huge style statement for your entire room. A vintage dining table is a standout piece. You can have embellishments but not too many.

The Dining Space

The best option is going for a wooden dining table that looks like it came from a castle’s dining area. The best part about these tables is that you can maintain the vintage element of it and still play with the wood hues so that it may contrast with colors in the rest of the room.

4. Brass Doors and Detailing

Some pieces make a statement without being too big and occupying more space. Distinctive brass doors and monocles sideboard look like the kind of pieces you see in old pictures. The side board can store whatever you like, it may even serve as a bar in your living room if you prefer.

5. Toned Wood Pieces

One of the biggest and timeless trend is wooden pieces. These are your go-to pieces for anything that you may need. In fact these are actually popular because they can go with literally any other piece you prefer. When you cannot decide what to go for, these emerge as triumphant choices.

Toned Wood Pieces

Think natural toned wood that contrasts with neutral-toned furniture in the best light. It does not matter if you are entertaining during the day time or at night, these pieces are sure to make the entire living room stand out.