Even if it has dead concrete walls or boxes full of unbridled finery, your home’s basement deserves more attention than the spaces you regularly occupy. If you could manage to treat it as just another aboveground room, it might just become the most used spot in the house – with a dash of renovation. A refurbished and modern basement can also help in increasing your home’s value.

Whether you have a wholly unfinished and ugly-looking basement or merely want to add some improvements, it is essential to plan effectively. Good planning will ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you have no idea how to proceed with your basement renovation, we’re here to help. Use these tips and ideas to uplift the value of your home and make it look fabulous and functional from every corner.

1. Consider utility first

In the process of giving your basement a makeover, don’t forget to make it a functional area as well. You might want to consider options such as space for laundry, storage, a home office, or a room to rent out to college students. So, create a proper floor plan if you have more than one idea in mind. Also, use this stage to accounting for power supply, air conditioning, and water supply. The latter of the three is crucial since basements are more prone to water damage if the plumbing goes wrong. You can learn more about water damage, its impact, and how you can fix it. And while you’re at it, call in the experts to evaluate the same to identify any possible risks. It’ll help you save trouble down the road.

2. Design a safe and attractive staircase

A basement without stairs is irrational! So when you’re re-doing your basement, ensure they meet the building regulations and look incredible. If the stairs are not in a convenient location, consider allotting an accessible spot. Laws vary with baluster shape and staircase configurations, so you will need to talk to the building inspector about your plans. It’s also good to consult with a professional architect before creating a staircase that complements your other renovation plans.

3. Keep the cold out and warmth in

For this purpose, you need to prioritize insulation. It will not only help keep the temperature moderate inside your basement, but you will also control moisture. Therefore, pick an insulation material that includes a vapor barrier on every side. When it comes to alternatives, you can choose spray foam insulation. For this type, you will also need to check safety requirements and proceed with your decision.

4. Choose good flooring

Ever wondered why you’ve never virtually seen natural hardwood floors in a basement? It’s because of the high humidity levels that cause the wood to contract and expand. That is why laminate is a preferred choice – not to mention its affordable price and effortless installation. To make the space even cozier, add a nice plush carpet; you’ll adore the feels.

5. Add proper lighting

In terms of lighting your basement, recessed lights are a decent choice. These grooved installations effortlessly pair with low ceilings. Unfortunately, they are costly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t illuminate your basement with premium lighting. That said, the perfect alternative to recessed lights is track lighting. Installing a few of these at an equal distance from the walls creates a more modern feel than traditional overhead lighting in the middle of the room.

6. Finish basement ceilings

When it comes to basement ceilings, you have three basic things options. Ductwork with paneling or drywall, hide everything with a drop or suspended ceiling, or let everything show and paint it all over. If you ask us, drywall brings the best finish. Besides that, light gray paint offers depth to space and leaves a smoother surface. For this tip, pick what will blend well with your other renovation plans.

7. Camouflage bulkheads 

One of the most demanding aspects of a basement renovation is disguising all of the mechanical components that feed the rest of the house. Haven’t we had enough of all the unsightly bulkheads? It’s time for you to put them in a place where they can’t get in the way of your basement renovation goals. So try to hide as many as you can in the ceilings and walls, but make sense of the bulkheads you create by spreading them wall-to-wall instead of piling awkward boxes.


You see, renovating a basement is not the most laborious process in the world. If anything, it’s fun because you get to discover and fix the rotten areas of your house. Be sure to inspect for potential cracks, consider the energy efficiency, and install a proper drainage system. If need be, hire a professional contractor who can help you with the goal of transforming your basement from dull into a handy living space.