The living room is the hub for family activities and undoubtedly, the most functional space in your home. It is where the family gathers after an exhausting day to relax and spend quality time with each other. Usually, people have a sitting area within the living room where they watch television, eat their favorite snacks, and entertain guests. Therefore the living space serves various functions.

In today’s era, where the property prices are skyrocketing, people prefer to live in a compact place to save money. This lack of space has created the demand for space-saving furniture and decorating items. Since most of the activities of the house occur in the living room, it gets challenging to keep it organized. Nonetheless, you can always upgrade your living room as updating this one room is like improving your lifestyle. But when it comes to any home improvement idea, imagination runs wild, leaving you more perplexed. Besides, the thought of expenses may bring your morale down. The good news is you can give an oomph factor to your living room without breaking your bank.

Giving a place a new look is all about creativity. You just need to set a budget and explore different ideas to create a unique yet stylish living space to enjoy with your family. While the process of upgrading space is thrilling, it is equally challenging. We have some smart tips for redesigning your living space to make it look more elegant without breaking the bank.

The following are some smart ways of giving your most functional space a makeover:



We know that people do not throw things away and have a bad habit of hoarding. It is not a surprise that your living room has enough accessories, accumulated to open a shop.

Decluttering your living space will freshen it up while giving it a spacious feel. It is better to declutter your living room and make space for newer things. Pack all your items which you have collected over the years but haven’t gotten used out of it. Contact a trash removing service to get rid of the excess items piled up in your living space. If you live in Philadelphia, you can call a service that does trash hauling in Philadelphia as they will clean up your clutter and take out the junk which you have accumulated over the years. Once you have decluttered your living room, you will see a stark difference and feel that it is not the same room.

Mirror Sensation

Mirrors on the wall are an excellent cost-saving way of sprucing up space. They add elegance and do the magic of making a room appear larger than it is. Mirrors do the trick with light and reflect it in such surprising ways that give an illusion of a vast space. You can give your existing mirror a makeover by painting its borders with a different color. Mirrors come in different shapes and can be of any size, and you can choose one as per your liking and your room’s specifications.

Wall Treatment


Changing the color of a room’s wall is a convenient way of updating the atmosphere of your room. Several options of texture walls are available in the market, and you can choose one to enhance your walls. One textured wall, while keeping other walls the same, will add aesthetic to the room without going overboard. Wallpaper is another inexpensive option of giving the room makeover. Wood panel on walls provides the room with a luxurious feel, whereas wall tiling provides the room with a polished look. Modifying the treatment of the walls is a brilliant way of revamping the area without adding or taking away any piece of furniture.

Upgrading the Lighting

Lighting creates the overall ambiance of the room as it has the potential of making or breaking the aura of the space. You can incorporate multiple sources of lightings, like floor lamps, bulbs around mirrors, or an adjustable table lamp. Alteration in existing lights is a convenient way to add affluence to the living room.

Add A Touch Of Nature

Staying in the proximity of nature has innumerable benefits. It brightens up one’s moods, takes away all the tiredness, and brings positivity in your life. Not everyone has the space designated for the garden, but that does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy nature’s beauty. Adding indoor plants as a living room décor will improve the mood of the space. You can put large flowering plants in the corners, small bowls on shelves, or hang them on the walls, and it will not only revamp the living room but also soothe the nerves of inhabitants. Bringing in greenery to the center of your home will have a positive impact on the environment of the house.

Accessorize the Space


Accessorizing a room is a skill and a play of your imagination, and there are no rights and wrongs about it. Adorning the walls with some paintings is an incredible way of incorporating art in your living room. Hanging your photographs on the wall gives the space a personal touch. You can accessorize the room with table lamps, cushions, or decoration pieces. While adding accessories in the room keep the rule, “less is more” in your mind, as cluttering up space will give the room a negative and messy vibe. If you do not have enough space to add more items, you can choose decorative hanging pieces, install wall cabinets or shelves to have some storage.

Spice up the Floor

Flooring has a substantial impact on the look of the room. If you want to have a sophisticated feel, you can opt for a stone or wooden flooring, marble or tiles will make the room appear polished and sleek. A trendy style of flooring is to have two different types of floors. If your living room has a wooden floor, adding an oriental rug is a cost-saving way of updating the room.


Revamping a room is all about creativity, and when it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit. The living room is the focal point of the house, and it is where you need to keep a lot of stuff. To give it a new feel, you can change the arrangement of existing things, incorporate pop up colors, hang blinds instead of curtains. You can quickly bring elegance to any of the houses without spending much of your hard-earned money. Hopefully, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you can easily revamp your living space elegantly and within your budget.