Do you want to have everything available even though space might be scarce? Or what about turning your old-fashioned furniture into something advanced? You don’t need to throw any piece of furniture away. All you need is to automate it or some parts of it. you can use linear actuators to make:

How do you like the ideas? If this is what you were looking for, move on reading for more inspiration!

Motorized Shelf Lift for Any Purpose

A motorized shelf lift can be used anywhere. You can buy ready installations, or you can install and motorize the items on your own. In your bedroom, you can use a motorized shelf lift to:

  • Install a motorized ceiling cabinet: you need to make an enclosure first. It might be of any design to complement the interior. In the enclosure, you can install the shelf lift and the cabinet or shelf. With a push of a button, you can lower the cabinet to a convenient level and remove it when not needed.
  • Build a platform for kitchen appliances: start with the platform on which your appliance will be mounted. Install the shelf lift in a kitchen cabinet and attach it to the platform. Use a piece of plywood or any other material to hide the lift system.
  • Create a popup rack for spices: install a platform for spice rack on a lift system to make it pop up from the table surface.
  • Add storage space in your storage room: install a lift shelf on the ceiling, above storage shelves, or just on the wall and use it to store your things without taking space on the floor.

For all the applications, make sure that the lift system is strong enough to move the needed devices and items. Don’t forget to check the stroke length to ensure that the items will be moved to a comfortable position.

Table Lift? You Can Find Plenty of Applications!

Table lifts don’t need any advertising. They are spoken about a lot nowadays. The very first use that might come to your mind is your desk.

If you work from home or just spend enough time at a desk, a table lift is an item you need to have. It can help you to adjust your desk to the needed position. Move it from a standing position into a sitting one and vice versa. Make your working place as convenient as you can.

A less common use is to use a table lift to automate your dining table. It is especially convenient if you have kids and want to make them maximally comfortable. You can adjust the table to the required height.

As you can see, with linear actuators, you can upgrade and automate some furniture pieces. You can turn an old item into the most advanced one by using a proper automation system or actuators.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.