So you have recently built a patio or deck in your house! Now you’re wondering whether to add a covering or a roof on it. When it comes to making the most of your patio designs, you need to eradicate everything that makes your patio less comfortable or inviting. They should be built in a way that creates both a comfortable and luxurious spot to be in. Adding patio covers Sacramento home you own is a wonderful way to enjoy or walk around your deck area no matter what the weather or season is like. Hot sun rays of summers can really take a toll on your body, skin or your health. A patio with a roof will obstruct these hot summer rays so that you can relax in your outdoor living space comfortably.

You can’t enjoy spending time in your outdoor living area without proper protection from weather extremes such as sun rays, rain, or strong wind. That’s why covered patio structures are widely adopted by many homeowners. Covered patio structures are going to make you feel always comfortable regardless of how much time you want to spend on your deck area.

Now, it’s time to know what options you have if you want to add a Cover or a roof on your patio.

  • Attached Coverings

Do you want the patio roof to be attached to your home? If yes, an attached roof  can be the best choice. An attached patio cover maximizes your home space. The structure is a constructed extension of your home’s exterior, meaning the roof will be attached to the home. These attached coverings are designed to provide you complete shade and cover from rain, snow, and sun.

When considering attached patio covers in Roseville, it doesn’t mean you have to cover all the areas of your patio. The areas where plants and hot tubs can be left open or without coverings. For a successful and safe installation, it is advised to hire an expert for having your patio covered.

  • Free Standing Structure

This type of patio roof has a free-standing structure. This option is best suitable for homes that have space restrictions. Thus, a freestanding patio cover structure is an open structure that can be installed without worrying about how much space you have. There are two ways to build this type of roof structure: pergola style, fully enclosed roof structure. A pergola roof is typically with lattice work. This type of pergola gives partial shade from the sun or rain. If you want to cover it fully, you can buy coverings to be put on top that can provide full shade But they can’t be used to create full shade. While a  fully enclosed free standing patio roof will provide full protection against sun, rain, snow and other weather elements. This roof can be built using aluminum or vinyl material as both are popular choices for sturdy creating roofs.

To bottom it up

Whether you want to build a custom patio cover design, attached roof structure or free standing patio covers in el dorado hills home , you need to analyze your outdoor space and your budget.