We care for different parts of our homes but most of the time we forget to care about some important parts of our homes, the garage doors. We usually come out to find solutions when the conditions have worsened. As a homeowner, you must make sure that you undertake an inspection for the garage door monthly to ensure that it’s in good condition and if not, maintenance, repair or replacement is done.

For some signs, you can see them based on the keen observable changes in the garage door behaviors while some signs can be seen after carrying out a given test on the garage door.

Obvious Signs that your door needs repair and maintenance or replacement.

Slow response to opener commands: When you press the open or close button of the door opener, you expect the response time to be a second or two but when the door takes more than five seconds to respond to your command, it means that something is not right with the door or the opener. You need to contact a professional for an inspection.

The door responds inconsistently to the opener: Sometimes, you can press the opener buttons multiple times for the door to respond, this inconsistency shows that there is a problem with the door somewhere or the door-opener connection needs a checkup. In most cases, a door opener replacement is required.

The door does not open or close: If the garage door does not open or close in response to the control buttons, it’s very obvious that it needs repair because this implies that either the door has a malfunction or there is a bad connection between the control and the door.

Take a test: Check whether there is nothing blocking it. Try to move the door again using the controllers to confirm that the door isn’t moving at all. If it refuses to move after the test, you need to call PurplePatch for a professional inspection and repair.

The door is off-track: You can observe the door while opening or closing, to see whether it moves within its tracks on either side of the door. This can happen as an indicator that the door is not in good condition or is damaged. A specialist can inspect the door and replace the necessary key parts such that it operates properly.

The door makes noise that is unusual. Most of the doors make some noise while moving. When it starts to make some unusual noise, it’s majorly due to excessive straining or creaking. This implies that there is a problem with the spring, opener backer or opener itself.

Unwanted door closures: If you open your garage door fully or halfway and then it closes unexpectedly, just rush to the door specialist for repair because this can be so dangerous to you and your family.

Increase in energy consumption of the house: Most of the times, we look at the washing machines, cookers, fridges for high energy consumption, but we must observe the drastic increase in energy consumption some time. If that happens, and you have an older model of a garage door, you need to replace it with a newer model which consumes less energy.

Sign’s that your garage door needs repair and maintenance or replacement as a conclusion for a given test(s).

Sagging door sections: Disconnect the door opener and manually move it up to halfway, leave it and observe to see if there is any movement. If there is any fall or rise, then there is a problem with the tension spring or some other parts of your garage door.

Cannot manually lift your garage door: Open the door halfway using the opener, and try to lift it up manually. If you can’t move it up then it implies that the door needs some lubrication or some parts are damaged.

Lastly, for the smooth operation of your garage door, regularly check the rollers, springs, hinges, and cables by yourself; to see how they are and carry out the necessary maintenance regularly.