Corporate gifting has become a big trend in the recent years. Whether it is encouraging your employees or engaging your clients, corporate gifting is the best way to show your appreciation. Getting customers is tough but retaining these customers is equally challenging. And corporate gifts can help you keep your customers engaged and make them feel valued. At the same time, you can stay on top of their mind by giving them something memorable. The same is true with employees too. With the right gift, you can easily make your employees feel appreciated and at the same time inspire them to work harder. While corporate gifts are a cheaper, easier, and effective option, you can make these gifts stand out by adding some personal touches. Corporate printed gifts are an excellent choice if you want to give a gift that is both unique and practical. With different designs and colors available, you’re sure to find the perfect present for everyone on your list. Let us look at some unique, simple, yet effective corporate gift ideas that can work for all occasions.

Corporate Flower Deliveries

Flowers are one thing that almost everyone likes and appreciates. Different types of flowers have different meanings and when you group them together in beautiful bouquets, they can convey more than words. Corporate flower delivery is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective gifts that you can give to your clients or your employees. When you gift flowers to your employees or clients on their birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, it’s not just about fulfilling a formality. It also tells them that you remember them and the important days in their lives. It also shows your appreciation and their importance in your life.

Accessories Box

Accessories are one of the most common yet effective gifts. In today’s world, everyone from kids to adults wear accessories of some sort. That’s why you can never go wrong with accessories. But when gifting accessories in the corporate world, choices can be tough. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. However, you can still prepare a combination of accessories that your employees can use with their formal wear or for the office. For men, a combination of Custom leather wallets, ties, pocket squares, cuff links, wallets, etc., or clutches or handbags for women can be a good gift.

Customized Care Packages

A gift is not about showing your status, it is all about showing that you care. Show your employees that you care for them with customized care packages. You can give them cosmetics, perfumes, etc. of good brands. Alternatively, you can give them good spa sessions or other wellness packages. You can also give them luxury stays in nice hotels, special lunch or dinner coupons, team dinners or outings, etc. Some other ways to show your appreciation can be gym memberships or yoga classes subscriptions to help them stay healthy mentally and physically.

Tiny Succulent Garden

Even the hardest working employees need some break from work from time to time. Looking at a desk full of files and folders can be extremely boring and monotonous. Bring some fun and refreshment to their desks by gifting them tiny succulent gardens. These small gardens are made up of tiny succulents that are pleasing to the eyes and easy to care for. Plus, succulents are very low-maintenance and can easily thrive in low-light, less care and simple conditions. They can also be a great way of distracting you from the stress of work and life.

Different Coffee Blends

When you’re hard at work and trying to combat sleep, coffee or tea can be your best weapons as well as shields. Gift your employees the best shields and weapons collected in a box! A combination of assorted tea or coffee blends is a great gift for your employees that they can use in the office too. Also, if you’re looking for a unique gift to impress your clients, a box of premium coffee beans of different blends and flavors can be the perfect gift. It will show your appreciation for them as well tell them that you care.

Chocolates and Sweet Treats

For gifting there’s this unwritten adage – when in doubt, go with chocolates. Chocolates are indeed perfect gifts for any occasion or event. You can go with a box of assorted chocolates for everyone. Another good option is giving gourmet sweets or treats as gifts. Most people like to try new sweets or have new treats every day. A collection of popular sweets or an assortment of chocolates in different flavors can be a gift that everyone would appreciate. During festivals and holidays, you can also give hampers of gourmet food, sweets, or dry fruits to add to the festivities.

Gift Cards or Vouchers

A gift card is something that everyone loves receiving. Sometimes, gift cards are better gifts than any other gift item. Despite being common or popular, other gifts like chocolates or accessories are still subject to each individual’s taste. If a person doesn’t like chocolates, your gift may not please them as much. But a gift voucher allows the receiver to use it the way they want. They can use the voucher to get what they want instead of simply receiving what you give them. It brings a sort of freedom to choose your own gift that can double the pleasure of receiving the gift!

Desk Plants

A touch of nature in a place full of material things can be just so refreshing! We all appreciate some greenery and beauty in our place of work. It makes you feel fresh and happy when you look at it. Gifting desk plants to your employees is a great way to show your appreciation and keep them engaged. And if you choose low-maintenance desk plants, caring for these plants becomes easier and fun too. Plus, desk plants are often small, cute, and a great addition to the office’s decor. They make the space look livelier and more interesting.

The tradition of giving gifts to each other at festivals and big events has been there in big firms and companies since decades. However, the recent hike in its popularity has more to do with creative marketing gimmicks than merely remembering your clients or employees. No matter the reason, giving and receiving gifts, whether it is a corporate gift for your clients and old employees, or a new hire welcome package for the freshly hired, is sharing happiness and the above ideas are sure to make them happy and content!