Sling patio furniture gained a lot of popularity not because it is easier to clean and maintain. It rules our hearts because when the harsh outdoor environment worn down the sling, replacing the sling give the patio furniture a new look.

Sling is not hard to install as well. You can choose to hire a professional or if have some basic tools make it a DIY projector as well. If are you thinking whether you would be able to do it yourself or not, you can do this. Here is a step by step guide that will help you in removing and installing the new sling to perfection.

Have all the right tools

To install a sling to perfection you need a razor knife, vice grips, rubber mallet, flat head screwdriver, cloth tape, measuring tape, sling spreading tool, wire cutter, battery drill, and lubricant. Before moving ahead with the plan, get all the needed tools and bring them to the place of operation. It’s important to have all the needed tools close by otherwise, the sling installation would be a hassle.

Begin by removing the end caps

Now that you have all the required tools, how about moving ahead with the plan? So, what you have to do is take the screwdriver (flathead screwdriver) and start removing the end caps. Be gentle, otherwise, you will end up breaking the end caps.

Get rid of the old sling

To install a new sling, you have to get rid of the old sling first. Get rid of the worn-out sling by cutting down in the centre with a razor or knife. Now come to the hardest part; removing the sling from the frame to use replacement slings for outdoor chairs. Spray a lubricant to loosen it up a bit. Take pillers and pull out the worn-out sling from the frame.

Measure and prepare the new fabric

Now that the sling is removed, take necessary measurements using a measuring tape, and cut and sew the fabric accordingly.

Install new sling

Cutting and removing the sling isn’t tricky, installing a new sling is. Once the stitching is done, take a nylon spline and insert it into the newly stitched sling. Cut the spline leaving a little left over. Now gently start inserting the sling from the top. Using the piler, grip the sling on the seam, and pull. Once the sling is adjusted, find the bolts. The bolts are typically on the sides of the frame. Remove the bolts to get rid of curved tension bars. Insert the other side of the sling following the same procedure.

Give it a final touch

Now that the sling is already on it, it’s time to insert the bolts. If the bolts do not go back easily, use a lubricant. You can use grease, vaseline, or any other lubricant of your choice. When the bolts are sent back to their place, use a spreader tool to stretch the fabric, install the tension bar, and put the screws back in. Trim the excess spline using the wire cutter or snip. Put the end caps back on. You are done!